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Pan de Amerikana Katipunan

Mark and I first got to try out Pan de Amerikana in Marikina early this year during Mark's birthday. We instantly fell in love with the place and told ourselves that we'll get back there or at least visit their other branches.

When we were planning on our itinerary for the long weekend, Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan was at the top of our list. And so there, it was our first destination during the long weekend.

Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan, Quezon City, just like the Marikina branch, is also a themed restaurant. While the Marikina branch is the first and only chess-themed restaurant in the Philippines, the Katipunan branch is the first and only upside down restaurant not only in the Philippines, but in South East Asia.

Pan de Amerikana Katipunan

It features an upside down full size Land Rover 4x4 defender 90 with working lights, as the site boasts. We went there over lunch so I really didn't get to see the lights. :p Just like my first time at the Marikina branch, I also got excited when we arrived at the Katipunan branch. The facade which was an upside down house was really amazing! The details were perfectly built just like a real house. From the roof to the windows, the trees and the plants, the land rover, the stone pillars... the bicycle and veranda with pots of flowering plants, everything was like that of a real house, just upside down.

Even the sign boards in the restaurant were upside down haha! :p

Restaurant's Reception

Right across the reception area is a wall with pictures which showcase the celebrities, politicians, and big people who have already been to the restaurant.

They also have a wooden bridge which leads to the dining area.

Upon passing over the wooden bridge you'll definitely notice the restaurants main attraction, the upside down living area and dining area of a house...

...complete with plates, glasses, and fruits as centerpiece, an accent plant...

...lamp shade, flower centerpiece, and a grand piano. :p

We initially went straight to the cashier area to order our food but we were directed to the dining area. Apparently, unlike at the Marikina branch, the Katipunan branch is not a pay-as-you-order and self-service type. Their service water and condiments were self-service though. :)

We intentionally went there for a late lunch because I've read in reviews that the place is always packed during lunch time, and we were lucky to be seated near the wooden bridge which gave us an ample view of the whole restaurant. Here's a photo of Mark and I while waiting for our orders...(Coke Zero in can - Php 35.00)

On the inside, the wall of the upside down roof became the room for old portraits of local celebrities.

Aside from the upside down theme, the restaurant's interior also include the garden and chess theme. They also have dining tables with built in tournament-size chess boards. Tournament-size chess pieces may be requested at the cashier area for free. :) And you can also see plants situated almost everywhere.

Our orders were served after I took a few shots of the restaurant's interior. First to arrive was Mark's order, the Pinaputok na Tilapia, which was under the menu's best sellers section. It was basically a tilapia wrapped in a banana leaf and then fried to perfection. Mark said that it was good, the banana leaf somehow brought a new taste to the fried tilapia. :)

Pinaputok na Tilapia - Php 80.00, Plain Rice - Php 20.00

I was browsing through the menu and initially saw the Pork Sisig so I got one. :p And I think I made the wrong move. Although the serving was generous, the taste was just bland. I think there were more eggs in the dish rather than the pork itself. The calamansi juice didn't also help. I actually wasn't able to finish even half of the dish.

Pork Sisig - Php 160.00

I also read in reviews about Waknatoy which apparently is a very popular local Marikina dish so I gave it a try. Aside from the name, I actually didn't find anything unique about this dish. It is very similar to Menudo, although Pan de Amerikana's version is tastier. And I can say that I loved it more than the sisig. :p Mark also liked it so he got another order of rice and Waknatoy. :D

Waknatoy - Php 60.00

We also ordered their wheat pan de sal (Php 6.00 each) for take out. I roamed around the restaurant and took some more photos after I finished my food. :)

Upside down dining and living area


Cashier Area


Inside the ladies restroom, colorful pot covers and saucers were mounted as wall decors

Cute tissue holder inside the ladies restroom

The upside theme is amazing as it is something new for both Mark and I but we both agreed that we like the Marikina branch more.

Ventilation is okay since the restaurant has a high ceiling and electric fans are situated in every corner. The food, well at least the ones that we've tried, is not really something to rave about.

But if you're on a tight budget and want to taste authentic 1950's pan de sal, dine in a garden setting, play chess for free, and see a unique upside down house, Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan is the place to be.

131 Katipunan Ave.
St. Ignatius Village
Quezon City, Philippines

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