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Tender Bob's

Went out on a 'Saturdate' with Mark a few weeks back. :p We first went to the Gateway Mall to buy a father's day gift and then headed to SM City North EDSA for lunch.

We went to The Annex to buy a few more stuff for my dad and then went to The Block to have our lunch. It was quite a long walk from the annex to the block and so we both agreed to dine in the first restaurant that we'll see (that we haven't tried yet). We saw Tender Bob's and decided to have our lunch there.

We both had rice for breakfast at home so we decided to do away with it during lunch. Mark wanted something hot for the stomach so he ordered the clam chowder.

I love that the clam chowder was served in a bread bowl. The crumbs melt with the hot soup which made the soup a lot creamier. I think the bread also added that sweet kick to the well seasoned soup. The soup also had a generous amount of clams and potato chunks. The best way to eat it is by scooping the sides of the bread bowl along with the hot creamy soup.

IMG_3891Clam Chowder - Php 175.00

Tender Bob's menu claims that their clam chowder is "The best this side of the globe." And our verdict? It sure is! :D

The clam chowder has already set the bar high for Tender Bob's food and so was our expectations for the rest of our orders. Unfortunately, both my and Mark's dishes didn't quite meet that.

Mark was supposed to have either the One Pound Burger or the Three Cheese Burger, which were both unavailable that time, so he settled for the US Steak Sandwich (another best seller according to the menu). The dish had US flat beef strips with caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms which were laid on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes on a butter toast. It also came with a choice of fries or onion rings as side dish.

IMG_3888Ultimate US Steak Sandwich - Php 390.00

Mark enjoyed munching on the fries but not the main dish. He said that the beef steak was bland and also claimed that Ate Mercy's (Mark's cook/household help) beef steak was a lot more delicious. I gave it a try and well, yeah, Mark was right. :p

I decided to stick on the safe side and so I got Tender Bob's Bacon Cheese Burger.

IMG_3887Bacon Cheese Burger - Php 350.00

My dish also came with a choice of fries or onion rings as side dish. The burger had a 1/3-lb patty with two slices of cheese and slices of bacon. And just like Mark, I also enjoyed just the onion rings.

The patty was a bit dry. The bacon was also overcooked making it hard to chew. I also didn't like the dressing that came with it, everything was just bland. The cheese, which I thought would save the day, didn't quite deliver as well.

IMG_3886Bacon Cheese Burger - Php 350.00

My appetite sort of got ruined and I was able to finish only half of my dish, so I gave the rest to Mark. Although I didn't enjoy my food that much, I guess I still did the right choice and I can say that my dish was better than Mark's. Haha!

Tender Bob's Fudge Cake was what we had for dessert. Mark and I both enjoyed this dessert! A brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and a lot of fudge were what brought our spirits back haha!

IMG_3883Fudge Cake - Php 200.00

Delectable appetizers and desserts are a plus for restaurants since they are a perfect way to jump-start and end a scrumptious feast. I commend Tender Bob's for having that, except of course for the scrumptious feast part. :p

Definitely not a good first time experience for both Mark and I. Maybe we were just not lucky enough with our orders that time, yes, and I think Tender Bob's really has something good to offer and boast about, but I guess first impressions really last. :)

4/F, The Block, SM City North EDSA
North Ave cor EDSA
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(632) 442-0129

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