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Pig-out Saturday

Went out on a dinner and movie date with Mark last Saturday. We brought Imax tickets for The Amazing Spider-Man movie, but since we were still too early for the 7pm showing, we both agreed to have an early dinner.

We were still thinking of were to dine, but I already got Yakimix in my head. Haha! I first got to try dining at Yakimix at SM City Masinag with my family and we all enjoyed our dining experience, and I thought that Mark would also feel the same.

We actually planned of pigging out at Yakimix months back but his numerous body building competitions didn't permit. There was also one time when we decided to try Yakimix out but we came just in time for the restaurants 3pm closing and we're really hungry that we couldn't wait anymore for their 5pm re-opening.

Since we still haven't figured where to eat, and since it was Mark's last day in being off season from his workouts and diets, I finally suggested that we have our dinner at Yakimix. :p

We were greeted by a lovely waiting staff who also ushered us to our seats. After placing our orders for the drinks, Mark and I went off to the buffet area. Mark tasked me to take charge of the grilling while he took care of the cooked ones. And so I went to the raw food station and started to pick out some food keeping in mind Mark's instruction to get everything that I think he will love. And so here are what I got! Haha!

IMG_4029Barbecue Beef Stick, HK Spicy Chicken,
Shrimps, Golden Mushroom Beef Rolls, US Fat Beef with Sauce,
Spicy Bacon, US Fat Beef with Black Pepper

I love to pair grilled food with vinegar and garlic and so that was the sauce that I got. The shrimps, bacon, and beef with black pepper for me lacked flavor, but it tasted okay when dipped in the garlic vinegar. The beef with sauce, spicy chicken, and barbecue beef stick tasted good had that distinct sweet and tangy barbecue taste. What I enjoyed and loved the most were the golden mushroom beef rolls. The sweet and juicy taste of the mushrooms balanced out the saltiness of the tender beef roll.

Mark came back with this plate. He started devouring his plate while I did the grilling. He gave me his plate with half of the each viand already eaten and started to munch on the grilled food. I guess he loved the crispy pata since it was gone in no time. I specifically loved the broccoli garlic shioga yaki pork, and the sweet and sour pork. The spareribs were okay but it had too much green chili which I accidentally ate since I thought they were leeks. Everything in the plate was okay, except for the baguio beans minced pork which looked like a pork dumpling. I took a big bite of it and nearly puked. It was like a slab of fat with minced pork inside. Mark and I just didn't like it.

IMG_4028Salt and Pepper Squid, Yang Chow Fried Rice
Penne with Red Sauce, Sweet and Sour Pork, Shioga Yaki Pork, Broccoli Garlic,
Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs, Baguio Beans Minced Pork,
Crispy Pata

Mark was already done eating so I decided to get some desserts. I got back to the table seeing that Mark was gone. Apparently he also got his dessert plate and so I had to finish these all! Haha!

I already tasted their brownies and mocha cupcakes before and I still loved them on my second try. :) The leche flan and butterscotch bar both kinda lacked sweetness. The egg tart was okay, I loved the texture of the pastry. What I loved the most were the fruit tart, which had cream cheese and kiwi on a sweet pastry, and of course who wouldn't love chocolates and mallows?!

IMG_4030Leche Flan, Egg Tart, Cream Puff,
Brownie, Butterscotch Bar, Fruit Tart,
Mocha Cupcake, Chocolate Swirls with Mallows

Diners can opt to only have the dine-all-you-can plate for Php 660.00, or add in a drink-all-you-can glass for Php 75.00 which come in a choice of soda, blue lemonade, or mango juice. Mark and I both enjoyed our dinner. We were both very full haha!

We thought we've already used up so much time in eating, but we were still very early for the movie so we decided to do some window shopping. We both got tired already so we decided to kill time by having some cakes and coffee! It's as if we just can't get enough hahaha!

We were supposed to stay at Starbucks in the Sky Garden but it was packed so we settled at The Coffee Experience in The Block. Mark ordered a slice of chocolate cake while I had the carrot cake.

IMG_4134Chocolate Cake - Php 130.00

The chocolate cake was delicious! Well I guess every chocolate cake is. :D Mark just gave me a spoonful and then finished everything in an instant haha!

The carrot cake wasn't what I expected it to taste like. I tasted too much cinnamon and too much sweetness in it. I loved the walnuts though. :) But Tita Tessa's carrot is still the best for me! :D

IMG_4135Carrot Cake - Php 100.00

Mark again gave me the liberty to choose a coffee for him and specifically instructed that he wanted it blended plus with whipped cream!

IMG_4133Latte Mocha Granita - Php 100 (Large) and Capuccino Granita - Php 100.00 (Large)
+ Php 35.00 each for additional whipped cream

Their cakes and coffee were somehow a lot like that of Starbucks' but I guess The Coffee Experience should improve on their service. It took a while before our orders were served and I still had to go to the counter to ask for another for since they only served us one. The diner on the other table also had her coffee returned since she was served with a wrong one.

We went back to the Imax cinema, still a little early but people were already piling up for the 7pm showing. I decided to go to the washroom first and was surprised when I got out and saw Mark holding a foot-long hotdog sandwich, a large bucket of cheese popcorn, and two large sodas. I was really full with all the food that we consumed, but Mark still insisted that I eat half of the sandwich and drink half of the soda. Mark finished the rest! Mark just has a big appetite when he's not on a diet haha! :p Well I guess he just optimized the time that he's allowed to eat! :p

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