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Valentino Resort and Spa


Most of my close friends in the office had already ventured into different businesses, offices, and even other countries; and so our monthly get together (for the ones left in the country) have been our way of catching up.  We usually have monthly dinners, but for our March get together, we planned of having a summer getaway.

We conducted a survey and I was overly excited when Eagle Point initially got the most number of votes.  I've been wanting to go to the beach and out of town resorts with only swimming pools do not really get me as excited because there are a lot of them here in Antipolo, one of which is just a few walks away from our house.

So imagine how the excitement turned into dismay when a re-vote happened and almost everyone settled for the next choice which was Valentino Resort and Spa.  I was supposed to back out, I even told Joie not to consider me joining anymore, but then again I didn't want to be the kontrabida so I just decided to set aside being a brat. :p

We met over at Makati and then started on our trip after everyone got to have their breakfast. We got to the resort after almost a 2-hour ride.  Special thanks to Joie for taking care of all the reservations.

We arrived earlier than the check-in time so I was anticipating that we would have to roam around the place first. It was Joie and Je who were communicating with the receptionists, but I already knew that we were already allowed to check into our rooms because of this middle-aged lady who kept on saying how she gave us some favor and allowed us to have an early check in.  Mark felt happy with the favor so he asked me to give the lady a box of egg rolls as a sign of gratitude.  I actually got pissed and really didn't want to hand the rolls to her, but Mark insisted and even got mad at me for being selfish, but had he heard how the lady kept on insinuating that favor (which none of us really asked for, in fact we were all willing to wait for the check in time) I think he wouldn't have given anything to that lady.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one who got pissed, Je also got irritated.  Mark, see?  We should have just given all of the rolls to our driver! :p

With Gretz and Me-anne on board a golf car from the reception area to our rooms :)

Their deluxe rooms are cozy. It was clean, had a decent bed with basic toiletries and clean towels,

a clean bathroom,

a good working aircon, a desk and a couch,

a small TV with a not so good reception, and a small walk-in closet.

It really wasn't that impressive, but at a Php 2600 rate per night with free breakfast for 2, I think I just got what I paid for. :)

After having a quick lunch in our room, Mark and I roamed around the resort.  What I liked about our room is that in front of it is this gorgeous pool.

It has a jacuzzi at the corner an an infinity pool surrounded by lush greens.

At the side of the pool were small cabanas which guests can use for free.

Aside from the deluxe rooms, they also have bigger rooms which looked like houses in a village.

Multi-purpose hall

Also surrounding the whole resort were lush greens and colorful flowers.

An indoor gym and spa are also available at the resort, which unfortunately we weren't able to try.


A few walks from our room were a bigger pool and a kiddie pool.

They also have a small playground which the kids and the kids at heart will surely enjoy.

Although there was no beach and the room wasn't glamorous, and although this wrist band (that we had to wear all throughout our stay) was a bit uncomfortable,

I must admit that I enjoyed our stay at Valentino not just because of the resort's relaxing ambience

but also because of the company of good friends.

Can't wait for our next escapade! :D

Barangay Pinagtung-ulan,
San Jose, Batangas
+63 917 515 5936

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