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Mother's Day 2012 and Jaoey's 10th Birthday

Had a double celebration at home last Sunday, May 13 -- a celebration of Mother's Day and an advanced celebration of Jaoey's 10th Birthday.

We were up early last Sunday morning to greet our mom and right after breakfast, we handed our gifts to her. :)

Jaoey also wanted to open his gifts, but since it's still a day earlier than his actual birthday, being the bully sisters that we are, Gia and I insisted that he can open only his gifts come 12am. :p  We saw him curling up in bed crying so we finally made him open his gifts haha! :p

We had to try to get him to have his picture taken before opening his gifts. He was a bit mad at first, but after a few tries he finally gave in.

He just got back to his happy mood when he started unwrapping his gifts.

IMG_3652 IMG_3651
IMG_3647 IMG_3646

Jaoey loved all his gifts especially these! :D

IMG_3645 IMG_3658
IMG_3656 IMG_3657

Daddy already cooked a few dishes in the morning and continued with the rest of the dishes after lunch.  And come dinner time, the feast began!

And since it's mommy's and Jaoey's day, daddy of course cooked their favorites. :)

IMG_3618Mommy's Favorite: Kare-kare

Jaoey's Favorites:

IMG_3623Crispy Pata

IMG_3627Lechon Kawali

IMG_3624Turbo-broiled Chicken

IMG_3631Spaghetti IMG_3637Puto

IMG_3644Empanada IMG_3636Orange Juice

IMG_3638Garden Fresh Salad IMG_3635Cream Dory Fillet and Tofu in Sweet and Sour Sauce

IMG_3622Chicken Feet IMG_3621Lumpiang Shanghai

IMG_3620Igado IMG_3619Adobong Pusit

And of course, birthdays won't be complete without cakes. :)

IMG_3643Goldilock's Creamy Quezo Ube Cake - Php 385.00
 IMG_3641Red Ribbon's Ultimate Chocolate Cake - Php 495.00

We usually start with our feast at 5pm up until guests are still present, so we always include merienda dishes in our menu.

Some guests also stay up for some drinks and so viands which also make good pulutans are also always included. :)

IMG_3606IMG_3601IMG_3599Jaoey and his 2nd dinner plate!

IMG_3589Fooling around with the birthday boy :p

All of us enjoyed our dinner. Special thanks to daddy for cooking yet another sumptuous feast! :)

IMG_3575Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!
Happy 10th Birthday Jaoey!!!

More photos HERE :)

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