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Bunker Bob's Restaurant & Bar

We went off for lunch after our morning dip.  We didn't get to enjoy our breakfast at All Hands Beach so we decided to have our lunch elsewhere. Mark already saw Bunker Bob's when we passed by from Camayan and insisted that we have our lunch there.

Subic Bay Freeport Zone used to be a naval base of the US which is why bunkers, which were used for storage of fuels and ammunition were almost everywhere.  When the Americans left, the bunkers were kept intact and became sanctuaries for wild animals, some were made into museums like the bone museum near Zoobic Safari, and one was transformed into a restaurant and bar like Bunker Bob's.

From afar, the bunker looks like a hill.

With all the plants covering and surrounding the bunker, and knowing that this structure was once a storage, I really got a hard time imagining what the inside looks like.

DSC07573 DSC07577
We were all first-timers and were all amazed when we entered the restaurant. There were camouflage nets in the ceiling, empty jet fuel tanks which served as table for the menu,

Subic map during the war, old school pictures hanging all over the camouflage-painted walls,


and a bar with jet fuel tanks and ammunition boxes as bar structure.


The restaurant's interior got us that "soldier" feeling. :p They also have a lounge and billiard table which diners may use for free.

So after we placed our orders, Mark and I, together with his uncle, played billiards to kill time.

We were able to play a couple of sets before our orders arrived. Bunker Bob's serves Italian, Mexican, and Spanish cuisine. Mark's uncle and cousin went Italian and tried their pastas, Mark and his mom went Spanish and had their grilled fish and steaks, while I went Mexican and tried their burritos.

Mark was a bit hungry so he ordered two dishes.  Bunker Bob's fish of the day and beef tenderloin steak.  When we dined that time, the fish of the day was grilled salmon.  It was cooked and seasoned just right and was made more delectable with the dip which as I can recall was a combination of olive oil, soy sauce, and garlic.

DSC07598Bunker Bob's Fish of the day: Grilled Salmon with Fries and Rice

Most of us were already done with our dishes when Mark's beef tenderloin was served, maybe because Mark had it cooked well done. The beef seemed a little burnt but Mark said it still managed to retain its tenderness and juiciness.
 DSC07602Beef Tenderloin Steak with Rice

I drooled when my order was served. I was actually watching my food intake so I decided to skip having rice. I was just expecting one burrito and didn't know that my order comes in two huge rolls! :D

The ground pork, beans, fresh tomatoes, avocado, and cheese wrapped in soft tortilla were a heaven on my palate! This is by far the best meat burrito that I tasted! I was already full when I finished the first burrito so I shared the 2nd one with the rest of them. And they too loved my dish! :D

DSC07600Bunker Bob's Burritos

We all had fun and enjoyed our lunch. Bunker Bob's was a hit for all of us. I just wish they improve more on their service. I guess we were just lucky enough that we got the billiards all to ourselves which is why we never felt that it took a while before our orders were served.

With good food and a unique playful interior (and hopefully a more improved service) Bunker Bob's definitely is a must-try in Subic. Our dining experience at Bunker Bob's will definitely not be our last!

West Ilanin Forest Area
Ilanin Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Olongapo City, Zambales
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