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All Hands Beach Resort


Got to spend another Holy Week vacation with Mark and his family. There was only one place that Mark's mom insisted that we go to and that was Subic.  Maybe she forgot that it was also where we had our Holy Week last 2010. :p

Mark and I were both busy with work so we didn't get the chance to prepare for the trip. We just searched over the net and eyed on Camayan Beach Resort, but didn't actually get a reservation. :p  We went off from Mark's house at 4pm and arrived in Subic after around 2 hours.
IMG_3260At Dinalupian, Bataan..on our way to Subic...
IMG_3271Mark and I after a 2-hour ride :p

When we arrived at the resort, we weren't really surprised that it was already fully-booked.  Good thing the resort offers walk-in guests who just wants to swim at their beach so we just decided to get back the next day. We just went back to the free port zone to have our dinner. After dinner we searched for a hotel around the zone, which unfortunately, were all fully-booked. We just decided to stay were we stayed when we were in Subic last 2010, and were lucky enough to get a room for 5. :)

Mark immediately hit the sack the moment we got into the room. :p

We were up and about early the next morning and went off to the beach.  We planned to get back to Camayan but saw All Hands Beach Resort along the way.  And since Camayan would entail a longer drive and we weren't sure if there are still vacant cottages there, we all agreed to stay at All Hands.

12 Photo taken from

Since we were just there for a morning dip, we got their beach package. The beach package costs Php 500 per person (daytime, 6am-6pm) and this already includes a free use of the beach facilities and the entry fee.  Guests may also stay for free at their bamboo huts, nipa sheds, or umbrellas; whichever is available. There were already a number of guests when we arrived and we were lucky to get a nipa shed.

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We first had our breakfast at the resort.  I got their arroz caldo, while the rest had rice meals.  None of us really enjoyed our dishes.  My arroz caldo, although with a generous amount of chicken chunks, was too oily and too salty.  I even had to pour in a glass of water just to balance out the saltiness but it still didn't work.  Mark was also joking that maybe the chef used salt water in it.  It had a lot fried garlic in it which was too overpowering.  The glutinous rice wasn't also cooked well as I can still feel the crunch of the grains in every chew.

Arroz Caldo

This was Mark's mom's plate which was okay but not something to rave about. Mark said that the scrambled eggs were good though. :)

DSC07543Tortang Talong and Scrambled Eggs with Rice

We took a quick rest after breakfast and had some picture taking.

Mark and his mom

Tita Juliet
  Mark's uncle and cousin: Tito Allan and Maimai

And then we went to the beach for some dip. :)

All Hands Beach Resort also offers aqua sports equipment like jetski, banana boat, kayak, and snorkel gears for an additional charge.  Mark and I tried their jetski.  A jetski may be rented for Php 4000 for an hour, but we availed of the 30-minute jetski ride for Php 2,200.  We got one jetski and Mark was the one who drived. :p

IMG_3264 Our view from the jetski :)

I kept on screaming and got really afraid of Mark's driving so I took charge.  I enjoyed driving the jetski that I drove it way beyond Mark's speed.  The gauge was already at 40 when Mark was driving, but mine reached 52! It was actually a lot less scarier and a lot more fun if you're on the driver's seat. :D


Mark and I both enjoyed our jetski ride. We then went back to the shores after the ride and enjoyed the lovely view.

And of course, Mark wouldn't let this day pass without striking a pose! :p

All Hands Beach Resort also has cottages and rooms for overnight stays. Their restaurant also serves lunch, snacks, and dinner; but guests may also opt to bring in their own food and drinks. They also have other facilities like diving platforms, beach volleyball court, and basketball court which the whole family or barkada can enjoy. You may visit their website at for more details. :)

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