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SM Mall of Asia: Zipline and MOA Eye

After our breakfast at Pan de Amerikana, we headed next to the Gateway mall for lunch and then went straight to SM Mall of Asia. We don't usually frequent SM MOA since it's very far from both Mark's and my place, and so seeing the theme park at MOA along the Manila bay was a first time for us. :)

Mark and I were excited to try the MOA Eye as we have heard lots of raves about this new attraction at MOA. We can already see this big Ferris Wheel while we were approaching the theme park area.


We were a bit early for the MOA Eye which starts its operation hours at 4pm, so we decided to walk around the theme park. We saw the Zipline on our way and Mark insisted that we try it out. I've never tried a zipline and I don't think I ever will since I'm afraid of heights. And the thought of having to fall off from the harness really adds up to my fear. But Mark was insistent so I had no choice. The staff also assured that their harness and cables are safe. I was already screaming as we were being harnessed more so when we took off! Good thing I didn't look scared at all and was still able to smile in front of the camera. :p

IMG_2795We're flying! :p

MOA Zipline Rates:
Php 150 per person for a one way ride
additional Php 100 for one photo souvenir with frame

We saw that the MOA Eye was already moving so we headed there next. Here are a few photos while we're on our way. Although the MOA Eye didn't seem to be so inviting during daytime, I was still amazed by the huge ferris wheel. I've seen other MOA Eye pictures and it looks a lot gorgeous at night when it is all lit up.

The MOA Eye is by far the biggest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines. It has 36 air-conditioned gondolas, 6 of which are VIP. Each gondola can accommodate up to 6 persons. Each person can ride the MOA Eye for Php 150.00, and this is for one complete revolution which is roughly a 10-minute ride. The VIP gondolas cost Php 200.00 per person and may also be rented for special arrangements like dinner dates. :)

I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures because the slightest movement causes the gondola to swing. Haha!

A view from the MOA Eye

While Mark was comfortably sitting and enjoying the view, I was nagging at him telling him not to move as I get scared every time the gondola swings haha! Notice how I can't let go of the railings? :p

IMG_2783 IMG_2784

But I must say that my MOA Eye ride was a lot less scarier than EK's Wheel of Fate. I think the ride was kind of smooth maybe because of the enclosed gondolas. Just imagine how scary it would be with the heavy cool wind blowing if the gondolas weren't enclosed!

Aside from the Zipline and MOA Eye, the theme park also houses different rides which most kids will enjoy. There were also a lot of food stalls and a nice park which you can roam around with on board this motion activated scooter. :p

Motion Activated Scooter - Php 120.00 for a 15-minute ride

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