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Manila Ocean Park

Date of visit: January 3, 2012

Was down with headache and fever but still managed to enjoy my special day by having a fun adventure with Mark at the Manila Ocean Park.

We arrived at the Manila Ocean Park around half past 11AM and went straight to the tickets section. We availed of the Ultimate Experience (Php1120) plus the Trails to Antarctica (Penguin Exhibit-Php300) at a discounted price of Php900 instead of Php1420. The Ultimate Experience included the following attractions: Oceanarium, Jellies, Fish Spa, Marine Life Show (Sea Lion Show), and Musical Fountain Show. Aside from the Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park still doesn't have these new attractions when Mark and I first went here in 2008, and so we were both very excited with this adventure.

IMG_2484Ultimate Experience and Trails to Antarctica for only Php 900.00 :D

The Marine Life and Musical Fountain shows have schedules while the rest of the attractions may be visited anytime during the park's operating hours. We didn't make it to the 11AM schedule of the Marine Life show so we opted for the 2PM show.

It was already lunch time so we headed to Gerry's Grill for lunch. I had their Pork Sisig while Mark went for their Grilled Chicken.

We chose to be seated outside the restaurant. Mark and I both enjoyed our lunch which we thought was made more delectable with the cool sea breeze and this great view. :)

After lunch, we roamed around the area and did some picture taking to kill time.

We were lucky to have a decent photo of us together, courtesy of Manong guard :p

Marine Life Show (Sea Lion Show)
We then headed to the stadium to get ready for the Marine Life show. Here's a photo of us (I mean, our shoes) while waiting for the sea lions to come out. :p

385786_10151110433180640_807430639_22195511_1705767002_npink shoes ^_^

Everyone was cheering when the sea lions came out. They were just so adorable! So cute and very intelligent!

Clapping her flippers

Shy sea lion

Sticking out her tongue :p

Dancing sea lion

After the show, we had the chance to have some close encounters with the sea lions. For Php500, Mark and I were able to have our photos taken with the sea lion. The photo package includes 6 poses with the sea lion with unlimited shots (well the number of shots really depends on the photographer, Mark and I actually had a total of 20shots :p) and a soft copy of all the shots in a CD.

Mark and I had 2 poses each with the sea lion..

IMG_6112Birthday kiss from a sea lion :-*


IMG_6115-Flipper shake :)

IMG_6108-Flipper shake :)

and another 2 poses of us together with the sea lion.

Jellies, Dancing Sea Fairies
The next scheduled show, the Musical Fountain show, was still at 7PM, so we had all the time and liberty to explore the park's other attractions. And so we decided to check out some jellyfish. A wall with an illustration of the life cycle of a jellyfish was what welcomed us as we walked inside.

But as we entered, I started to feel a little disappointed (or maybe I was just expecting too much?). There were only 2 small rooms, 1 with a few aquariums,

and another with a few tanks which were just made to look like they were many because of the mirrors as walls of the room.

But I must say that I loved the changing lights and its effects on the jellyfish. I get so excited each time the lights change to pink! :D

Trails to Antarctica
We headed next to the Trails to Antarctica and took some photos along the way. :)

This one's another new attraction, which again was another disappointment. :| Mark and I both haven't seen penguins and were very much excited with this attraction, but were just disappointed when we saw only a few and little penguins. The bigger penguins were just not real.

We entered a room with snow and were expecting some close encounters with the penguins, but there were none. We just took some photos but went out after a few minutes. We would have wanted to stay longer, but we just can't take the coldness even with our thick coats on, since I was just wearing a dress and Mark was just wearing shorts. :p

IMG_2492 IMG_2495
IMG_2497 IMG_2494

We were still feeling cold so we decided to head straight to the Oceanarium for a warmer temperature. :) Nothing much has changed in the Oceanarium but we were still amazed with all the underwater creatures that we saw.

IMG_2508 IMG_2506
IMG_2498 IMG_2500
IMG_2501 IMG_2503
IMG_2504 IMG_2502

Fish Spa
After the long walk inside the Oceanarium, our feet got a little tired. A perfect time for Fish Spa! Mark and I both enjoyed this 30-minute fish spa. I am a ticklish type so I was giggling and trying to hold my scream each time the fish nibbles on my foot.

Doctor fish nibbling on the dead skins of our feet :p

These little fishes are called doctor fish. They gently nibble away the dead skin on the feet, leaving the healthy skin to grow. Their nibbles are not painful at all, though you'll also experience a little tingling sensation.

Musical Fountain Show
We then headed to the last destination of our adventure, the Musical Fountain show. Some pictures on our way back to the stadium...

Mark and I both enjoyed this one. The display of fire, music, laser lights, and animated marine characters projected on the water screen were just so awesome!

They also have these marine creature mascots who do skits about how to take care of the marine life.

A perfect way to end a fun adventure! We also still have yet to try Manila Ocean Park's Aquanaut Voyage and Glass Bottome Boat Ride. Will definitely get back and try them soon! ^_^

More photos HERE :)


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