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Welcoming the Year of the Dragon

I know this post is way too late, but January still hasn't ended so I guess I can still squeeze this in. :p

Another simple yet super fun celebration with the family transpired on New Year's Eve which started out on merienda. :) I was craving for pizza so I ordered from Shakey's.

Belly Buster

Classic Cheese


Jeff also came in time for merienda and brought some donuts.

Gonuts Donuts

We also didn't prepare much for Media Noche. Just like during Christmas Eves, we also usually have New Year's Eve dinners. Here are what we feasted on during our New Year's Eve dinner:

Tuna Carbonara Pork Barbecue
Cream Dory Beef Caldereta
Peach Float Puto Cake
Chicken Macaroni Salad Fruit Salad
Chestnuts Fruits

After dinner, we had some drinks and chitchat while waiting for midnight.

Jaoey's drink

We also started to light the firecrackers and sparklers that daddy bought.

The Mastermind :p

We also thought of creating a 2012 sign out of the sparklers. :D I took charge of taking the photos while Gia, Jeff, Jaoey, and daddy made the sign. After a few practices,

they finally made it. :)

Hello 2012!

Come midnight we all welcomed the new year as we enjoyed watching the fountains.

We went out on the streets and rejoiced as sounds of firecrackers and cheers filled the air and colorful lights wrapped the skies.

On New Year's day, we started the day by thanking the Lord for the past year

and praying for more blessings, love, and a prosperous year ahead. :)

Monasterio de Santa Clara

388877_10151122933100640_525628458_nMay we all have a blessed and prosperous year ahead!!!

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