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Swimming Party at Loreland Farm Resort

Date of visit: January 2, 2012

Was off from work on the first working day of 2012, because I was nursing a sprained ankle and lower back pains from a minor accident on New Year's Eve. But that didn't stop me from having some fun with my family on my special day. :)

We still had lots of food from the New Year celebration plus the weather was really good so we decided to have a pre-birthday celebration by having a swimming party. After preparing all our stuff and food for the swimming party, we went off and searched for a nice resort in Antipolo.

We didn't think that we'll be having a hard time in searching for a place since we thought that most of the people were at their provinces to celebrate the holidays. But we were surprised when the resorts that we eyed were all packed. Even the private pool resorts that we usually frequent were already booked.

Since a lot of our time were already wasted, we all agreed to have the celebration at Loreland Farm Resort. We don't really frequent this resort because of one reason: the place is always packed! But then again, we still decided to give it a try. We didn't book ahead of time, but if you're planning to book ahead, you can book Loreland Farm Resort, Antipolo City with Traveloka.

We were supposed to get the floating nipa hut, unfortunately it was already booked. We roamed around the place to search for a nice spot until we finally saw Phase 3 which was vacant, perfect for our swimming party!

Here's a photo of the Phase 3 pool. I was really tired from the long walk around the area so I didn't have the energy to take photos of the rest of the pools.

We went back to the admin office just to be told that Phase 3 was closed for the day. Ugh! We were told that most of their pools were closed for maintenance, and all the open pools were already booked. We were walking around the place under the scorching sun and were already losing hope until we came across the lifeguard of the Phase 3 pool who confirmed that the pool was open for the day. So we had to go back to admin office (which was really far from the pool area) to book Phase 3, but the personnel just won't allow us. My dad and I also had an argument with the personnel as she was insisting that Phase 3 was closed! Until finally she was able to talk to the lifeguard and confirmed that we can book the place.

It was already past lunch so after we settled the fees for the cottage and entrance, we prepped up for lunch,

while the kids started to have fun!

We then started with the lunch feast.

Since we were just there for day swimming, we just rented one cottage which is just right across the pool area.

Capacity: 8
Day Tour: Php 700
Night Tour: Php 850

After a few picture taking...

Jomel and Jaoey

Gia and Joyce

My Birthday Cake: Home-made Peach Float :D

...the swimming party started!!! :) Aside from the kiddie pool with fountain at the center,

Phase 3 also includes a larger pool, about 6ft deep, with 2 slides.

But we were just left with one slide, the longer and higher one, since the shorter one was closed. I was really shaking as I was taking (even just) a few steps up the slide so I went down. Haha! But the rest of them were really brave and they really enjoyed sliding down to the pool.

The slide was long and high and I am afraid of heights so I was already screaming as I was climbing up. I gave the slide a try for just one time and never tried it again. I thought I was the only one that was scared, but I was laughing non-stop (hence, the blurred photo below) because Jeff was screaming to death as he was sliding down!

If there's someone who enjoyed the slide the most, it was Jaoey!

He just had his floaters with him as he kept on sliding down to the pool.

Even though we had a glitch earlier that day, we still enjoyed the swimming party. Nothing really compares to a fun celebration with the whole family. ♥

Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City
Telephone Nos.: 696-0101 to 03
Fax No.: 696-0106

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