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Midnight Snack at Yam Cha

Date of visit: September 20, 2011

The following day, after our seafood feast, we spent the wholde day at Mark's house to rest and recharge since we stayed up late the night before, fixing his things. After dinner, Mark and I went to the Trinoma mall in QC for a last full show movie date.

The movie ended past midnight and Mark got hungry so we searched for a place to eat. There were only a few bars in Trinoma that were open that time and there were also no establishments open at the the nearby mall, so I suggested we drive around the Timog area. After a few minutes of resto-hunting, we ended up at Yam Cha.

We were greeted by two of their waiting staff who were at the entrance and accompanied us to our seats. Another staff went to turn on the aircon, and still another handed us their menu. Another staff went to us to take our orders, and a few minutes later, our orders were served.

First to arrive were the drinks. I got their Guyabano Shake while Mark had their Dalandan Juice. I wasn't able to get the receipt from Mark, so I'm not sure about the prices. :p

Guyabano Shake and Dalandan Juice

I was craving for Pork Siomai so I got an order of it. Their Pork Siomai was a bit bland. I think there was more flour than pork in it. I wasn't really loving it, the calamansi, soy and chili sauce didn't also help, and I finally gave up on my second piece, so I just gave the rest to Mark. I usually like siomais in general, but not Yam Cha's. Theirs didn't even come close to Mongkok's. :p

Pork Siomai

I'm not that hungry so I went for their Beef Wanton Noodles. Although there's nothing really special with this dish, this one I liked (at least more than the siomai). :) The soup was served hot and was seasoned just right, the wantons were good and the beef was tender. The noodles were also perfectly cooked.

Beef Wanton Noodles

Same is true with their Chicken Wanton Noodles, which was Mark's order. Instead of beef, slices of chicken were added with the noodles, wantons, and hot soup. :)

Chicken Wanton Noodles

Mark also ordered their Tuna Sashimi. I'm not a fan of sashimis or raw food in general, so it really didn't get me drooling when this dish was served. Mark said it was fine and he insisted that I taste it. He got one slice, dipped it into the soy sauce and then directed the fork to my mouth. I still felt the crunchy but jelly-like texture of the raw fish when I chewed it and then swallowed it immediately and followed it with a sip of my guyabano shake. :p But it must have tasted good that Mark finished the dish in no time.

Tuna Sashimi

Mark must have been very hungry that he still ordered another dish. The tofu slices were fried but was still soft and tender inside. I can taste the oyster sauce's and garlic bits' flavors which were greatly absorbed by the tofu slices. This Garlic Tofu was good but not really something to crave for.

Garlic Tofu

Although Yam Cha's food, or at least the ones that we've tried, were okay but not really something to drool over, I still liked our dining experience because of the waiting staff. All of them were very attentive and were always ready to grant our requests. Just like one of the staff who gladly obliged when we asked her to take a photo of us. She even directed us to come closer together and she even arranged their tabletop sign so that it will be included in the photo. :p

IMG_1341Mark and I

But then again I also thought that they might have been very attentive since Mark and I were the only ones dining that time. :p Well I just hope they maintain that good service even during regular hours to at least compensate for their so-so dishes. :p

Seafood & Dimsum Restaurant
44 Timog Ave. cor. Scout Tuazon
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 373-1359, (63 2) 372-8136

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