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Pizza Hut Delivery

It is very seldom that we get to dine at or order from Pizza Hut because: 1-we're not really so much into pan pizzas, 2-they're thin crust pizzas do not even come close to that of Shakey's (well at least for me), and 3: in the very few times that we opted for Pizza Hut delivery or even during dine-ins, their poor service is always what gets into our nerves.

But I don't know what got into me last Saturday afternoon, after my mom got discharged from the hospital, when I insisted on ordering from Pizza Hut using my Palm Card when daddy handed me his Shakey's Super Card and tasked me to order pizzas for merienda. Well Gia and Jaoey also wanted some stuffed crust pizzas too so I guess I did a right choice. :p

Not until we got a call a few minutes after we placed our orders, saying that we have to expect our pizzas to arrive after an hour, which was supposedly just within 30 minutes. I guess my dad got really pissed that he told them that we should have just ordered at Shakey's. He also stressed that wouldn't be paying for the pizzas since they have this Hate Late offer wherein they guarantee on time delivery or the pizzas will be for free.

They were very apologetic and explained that they were just having system issues that time and that they really wanted to make it up to us so they would just give us one Super Supreme Family Pan Pizza for free.

3 Family Pizzas for just Php 673.25 ^_^

I ordered one Family Supreme Stuffed Crust Pizza and, using my Palm Card, had another free Family Hawaiian Pan Pizza. You need to buy a 1.5L Pepsi to avail of the free pizza though.

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The stuffed crust pizza wasn't really an eye candy. It was soggy and not that hot, good thing the cheese stuffing was satisfying.

Family Supreme Stuffed Crust Pizza

This one was more pleasing to the eyes, but since I don't really enjoy pan pizzas, I just had to try to finish the 'bread' after I munched on all the toppings haha!

Family Super Supreme Pan Pizza for free! :D

I guess we really don't have an appetite for pan pizzas which is why this box was still intact and each of us just got a slice or two (at the most) of the other pizzas.

Family Hawaiian Pan Pizza

We really appreciated how the manager tried to iron out things by being so apologetic and offering us some free treats, but I guess this still wouldn't change our bad impressions on Pizza Hut. :p

PIZZA HUT Delivery

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