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Sweet Cravings!

Was organizing my photos when I bumped into some pictures of sweets! *drool* Not only do I always crave for sweets, each sweet craving also reminds me of the people that are really close to my heart. ♥♥♥

This one reminds me of how sweet, though not verbally expressive, my mom is. :) She makes sure to get my all-time favorite sapin-sapin whenever she comes home from the market.

My dad always gets a bag of mallows for my sister as pasalubong when he and my mom do the groceries. I also become overly delighted when my dad hands the bag to Gia and instructs her to share it with us, because marshmallows are also my favorite! I'm sure my dad will now buy 2 bags of it when he reads this haha! :)

These cookies and cream muffins are the newest addition to my sweet cravings. It's my first time to try this flavor out during a lunch out with Chino. And at the first bite, I immediately loved it! It was my first time to try this flavor out and it was also my first time to go out on a lunch date with my big bro. :)

Kenny Roger's Cookies and Cream Muffins - Php 70/box of 6

Ice cream floats remind me of my baby sister Gia. She always, as in always, makes one whenever we have ice creams and Coke or root beer at home. :p I only like coke floats though. :)

Chocolates are another one of my favorite sweet cravings! It would take my baby brother Jaoey long hours just to finish his food, but it would take just a blink of an eye for him to finish a bar of chocolate! :p

Brownies from Brownies Unlimited are what Mark's mom always lets us have for pasalubong whenever we go out with her. :) I so love the wallnut swirl!!!

Brownies Unlimited pre-assorted brownies - Php 78 (box of 6)

And these last two sweets are what I've been craving for the most for the past few months...

I first got to try White Hat with Mark and I immediately fell in love with their froyos. I love my hat with mangoes, strawberries, and kiwis. :)

White Hat

Hizon's egg rolls are what used to be Mark's pasalubong for me every time we meet. I so miss him as much as I miss these egg rolls haha! :p

Egg Rolls from Hizon's Cakes and Pastries

Was supposed to clean up these pictures, but obviously, I just can't, as much as I just can't forget how lucky I am to have all these sweet people around!

So I guess I'll just have to let these pictures sit in my pc's memory. I think I'll be needing them more now that my OB advised me to cut on my sweets intake for my ovaries to be healthy again. I guess these pictures will come in handy whenever I feel some sweet cravings! :p

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