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Piggin' Out with Gia and Jeff :p

After almost 2 days of clear-liquid-only diet, I finally got to eat! Pigged out earlier with Gia and Jeff after my Colonoscopy at Mega Clinic.

Since we can't decide what to have for lunch, we all agreed to dine at the food court.

We first stopped at Bodhi Vegetarian Health Foods. We had a hard time in choosing what to have, until we finally decided to just check out other food stalls, but I wanted to try the veggie meat barbecue so we had an one order of it. We didn't like the barbecue, the tofu was ok but the sweet asado-like marinade just didn't appeal to our tastes.

Veggie Meat Barbecue - Php 55 (2 sticks)

Went around and saw Balai Ilocos. Gia and I were delighted when we saw that they serve Ilocos Empanada. The empanada was like that of Ilocos Empanada in Katipunan, with mongo sprouts, and egg, but Balai Ilocos' empanada had sweet longanisa (which I didn't like). Gia and Jeff found it so tasty though.

Ilocos Empanada - Php 35 each

We came across Sisig Hooray and finally knew what we wanted for lunch. :p This sinful pork sisig is just soooo good! It was oily though, but we all didn't mind. Oh cholesterol! Haha! :p

Pork Sisig Barkada - Php 135

I was still feeling groggy from the IV sedation, but it didn't stop me from pigging out with my piggin' out buddies haha!

Just to set it straight, I only ate one rice :p

My Piggin' Out Buddies: Jeff and Gia

I wasn't able to eat for almost 2 days and I think it won't hurt if I delayed the doctor's advice for today and just start with having high fiber diet (or even going vegan) tomorrow. And besides, since tomorrow's a Saturday, I'll get to run and do aerobics with my mom. :p

Foodcourt, SM Megamall Bldg. A
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

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