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Sizzling Tuesday Lunch :)

I was off from work last Tuesday, so I got to taste another set of my daddy's specialties. :D My dad would always ask us what we want him to cook and he would always grant our requests. He actually loves asking my sister Gia because she really tells what she wants haha! :p

And so here are what we had for lunch. :)

It's been awhile since we got to taste my dad's pork sisig. Gia was also craving for it so this was what came first to her mind when my dad asked her what she wanted for lunch. My daddy's sisig is really good! I actually got another serving of rice because of the sisig haha!

*** Click the photo to view the recipe :) ***
Sizzling Pork Sisig

We've been raving about Max's Sizzling Tofu, so this was our second request to my dad. :) My dad just asked us to describe how the dish tasted, and in no time, he already had his version of sizzling tofu.

My Daddy's Sizzling Tofu Max's Sizzling Tofu

And our verict? My dad's sizzling tofu was very much like Max's, with the look, taste, and all, my dad's was even better I must say! You're the best, daddy!

*** Click the photo to view the recipe :) ***
Sizzling Tofu

And to complete the meal, we also had buttered veggies with gravy.

*** Click the photo to view the recipe. ***
Buttered Veggies with Gravy

We also had ice cream float for dessert. :)

Ice Cream Float

*burp* Thank you daddy for another mouth-watering lunch! ♥♥♥

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