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Pre-Valentine Dinner at Bamboo Asia Grill

Had a pre-valentine dinner date with my family at Bamboo Asia Grill last February 12.

Dinner Date with the Fam :)

with my Valentine Date :p

My mom and Gia took charge of the orders, but I made sure that they get the Crispy Kangkong. :p We had 2 orders of this and was surprised at how generous the serving was. For only Php 50 per serving, it was really worth it. :) It was kinda oily though but we all didn't mind. We all loved the garlic mayo dip that came with it that we even had to have it refilled. :p

Crispy Kangkong - Php 50

These Crispy Crablets were also a hit for me. :p Unlike other crispy crablets which tend to become hard or overcooked, Bamboo Grill's version were crispy but it still maintained its tenderness inside. Unfortunately, the spicy vinegar that came with it was a no-no for me. :p I instead had the crablets dipped in the crispy kangkong's garlic mayo dip. Wasn't able to take not of the price for this but it's around Php 120-150 I believe. :p

Crispy Crablets

There's nothing so special with their Sizzling Squid in Oyster Sauce, but I'm still giving them a perfect 10 for having the squid cooked just right and tender. :)

Sizzling Squid in Oyster Sauce - Php 120

I would have enjoyed their Sizzling Sisig if it didn't have a lot of chili in it. I'm not a fan of spicy food so the sisig was not a hit for me.

Sizzling Sisig - Php 180

If there's one thing that I loved the most, it's their Crispy Kare-kare. It was served with all the ingredients (pork and veggies) laid on a plate with the kare-kare soup at the center. The pork was fried to perfection and the veggies were steamed.

This dish also made me miss my Makoy even more. You won't find the word 'diet' in Mark's vocabulary if you serve him with kare-kare. I'm sure he'll love this one too. :) I forgot how much this dish was, but I'm pretty sure it's around Php 400. :p

Crispy Kare-Kare

Jaoey already had dinner at home so he just got a plate of fries and a can of soda at Bamboo Grill. :)

French Fries - Php 105

Aside from the ones above, they also have a variety of other dishes that I'm sure are great tasting as well. They also serve beer and other drinks which you can enjoy while being caressed by the cool breeze and being serenaded by their live band. Who would have thought something like this can be found at the heart of Antipolo? :p

bgrill-pic9Photo taken from Bamboo Asia Grill

bag-antipolo-thumbPhoto taken from Bamboo Asia Grill

Palm Square, M.L. Quezon Ave. Ext.
Antipolo City

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