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Sunday Dessert at Bake and Churn

Sunday is Family Day for us. Every Sunday, we would either feast over my daddy's specialties or go to malls to stroll and shop around. Just like last Sunday, after hearing mass, we went to a nearby mall, had lunch and did some early Christmas shopping.

After hours of shopping around, my mom decided to treat us for dessert. :) If there are two desserts that my family love eating the most, that would be ice creams and cakes. And it would be such a treat when we can have both at the same time. Thank goodness there's Bake and Churn ice cream cakes! :D

We each had their Black Forest Bar. It's an ice cream cake in a bar. :) The chocolate coated chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake and cherries was truly a delectable treat for all of us!

Black Forest BarBlack Forest Bar - Php 30

It was just amazing how the ice cream cake bar maintained its consistency unlike other ice cream bars which tend to melt easily. Even Jaoey was able to eat it without a single drip! And the chocolate coating, oh it was so yummy! Hmmmmm...and now I'm craving for it haha! :)

Another tasty treat from Bake and Churn is their Chilly Cup. It's like a mini version of their whole ice cream cakes. It was already late in the afternoon when we got there so there were only 2 flavors left for us, Coffee Toffee and Ube Classic.

If you're a coffee lover you'll definitely enjoy the Coffee Toffee Chilly Cup. But what I loved the most were the chocolate chips and toffee sprinkles. Yummy!

Coffee Toffee Chilly Cup - Php 60

The Ube Classic Chilly Cup was equally delectable! The moist ube cake blended perfectly well with the vanilla-ube ice cream. I'm not really into Ube cakes or ice creams, but I must admit that I enjoyed eating the Ube Classic Chilly Cup. :)

Ube Classic Chilly Cup - Php 60

If you want delectable yet very affordable ice cream cakes, try Bake and Churn's. It's one sweet way to spend some quality time with the family! We'll definitely come back for more!

My family, chillin' at Bake and Churn ♥♥♥

More photos HERE :)

Level 2, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
Marcos Highway cor. Felix Avenue
Cainta, Rizal

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