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My Favorite Hat

I immediately fell in love with White Hat on my first try. And since then, I began craving for more! :)

But I don't always get to satisfy my craving for White Hat as much as I want since there aren't any branches near our home. And so I make sure to always give in to my cravings whenever I can. :)

Just like last Saturday, when I had a movie date with my friends Karen and Alvin at Trinoma. Karen and I decided to catch up while waiting for Alvin to arrive. And is there any better way to have it than having it over a cup of White Hat frozen yogurt?

No matter how I dress my hat--may it be just plain yogurt; or topped with cheesecake, blueberries, and almonds; or with my favorite toppings: kiwi, mangoes, and strawberries--it just never fails to take all my sadness away. :)

My Favorite Hat: Large Frozen Yogurt with Kiwi, Mangoes, and Strawberries

And now it got me all craving for White Hat again! *drools* Good thing they will soon be opening up a branch at Gateway mall, which means that I'll get to enjoy my favorite hat very often! Yipee!

Italian Frozen Yogurt
2F Trinoma North Avenue
Quezon City

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