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Brownies Unlimited

Aside from my family's love for great tasting food, we also have a sweet tooth. :) And Brownies Unlimited is just one of stores that cater to our craving for sweets.

i ♥ brownies

You can choose from a variety of brownies and buy a single piece for Php 15 or have the pre-assorted packs which come in boxes of 4's, 6's, and 12's. My family usually gets the 12-pak pre-assorted brownies. I must say that all of the variants taste good, but Walnut Swirl is my favorite! :)

12-pak pre-assorted brownies - Php 142
(Choc 'o Chip, Rocky Road, Pebble Beach, Walnut Swirl, Kiss Kross, Double Fudge)

Another family favorite are the Silvanas. These meringues with butter cream icing coated with vanilla butter cake crumbs are really a heaven for me. I can actually eat up to 3 Silvanas if I'm not on a diet haha! :p

Silvanas - Php 27/pc, Php 150 (box of 6)

Gia enjoying her Silvanas

And the best way to eat these sweet treats is to match it with their iced coffee. I love their iced coffee! ♥♥♥

Iced Coffee - Php 55

Still haven't tried their cakes and cup cakes but I bet they're yummy as well. ;)

3F SM City Taytay

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