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Miles Apart on our 6th...

When I knew that Mark was leaving, I kept on praying that God would give us just a few more days to spend together. I was greatly hoping for him to still be here with me even just up to this day. But oh well, he really had to leave too soon.

He's been away for a couple of weeks now but I still haven't gotten over his absence. Ever since he left, everyday is just like one of those days where everything seems to remind me of him. Every song I hear relates to him. Everyday just makes me miss him even more...

Today marks our 6th year of being in love, and yes, I hate days like today, because they remind me of the one thing which I don't have. And I feel so sad for not having him here with me to celebrate this special day.

But then again, when I look back and reminisce about all our happy times together...

He loves doing this to me! :p

and look at how great our love for each other has become, despite all the bad things that happened, I start to feel fine.


Mark and I had been through a lot for the past years, been through every obstacle that we can imagine, had a million fights and sleepless nights, but we are still able to get past all of them.

pic2 05022007(019)
Mark and I being love! :p

And us being apart for so long has got to be one of the biggest challenges that we have to face. But I always tell myself that this distance should never be an obstacle for us. I just treat each day as if he will already be coming back home tomorrow. And just the thought of being with him tomorrow is enough to get me through the day. :)

100_4715 Digital Camera

It doesn't matter how far apart we are, we do not really need to see each other everyday to be in love. It's hard, well yes, it really is, but our love for each other is the one thing that gets us through each day. And his promise is what keeps me holding on... :)

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No matter how painful this distance could be, no matter how long we will have to be apart, I take comfort in the fact that he will come back home, that we will be together again, that we will be able to hold each others' hands and fill the emptiness in each others' hearts. :)

I miss you so much Makoy! Happy 6th Anniversary! Looking forward to a lifetime of love with you! I love you! :)

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