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I Miss Him Just a Little...

...a little too often, and a little too much!

Everything seemed to have happened too soon. I can still remember Mark telling me about how he was able to get a call from someone offering him work in Qatar. He took the offer and within just less than 2 weeks, his papers were processed. Until finally he was all ready to go.

Just days before he left, I already had my mind set that he will be away for a long time. I already have accepted the fact that we will have to be apart. But I never thought that it would be a lot harder!

I stayed in their house last Friday and spent the night with him. Saturday morning came and I accompanied him to the airport. It was the loneliest Saturday that I ever had! I told myself that I won't cry, but my heart broke the moment I saw tears rushing down from Mark's eyes when we had our last hug and kiss. And up to now I still find myself in tears everytime I remember that very moment. :'(

It's been just a few days since Mark left, but it feels like he's been away for years! I miss him so much! Not being able to see him, be with him, and hold him as much as I want have got to be the hardest things that I'd ever have to do. But missing him gets a lot easier everyday knowing that even though we are another day further from the last time we hugged and kissed, we know that we are another day closer to the next time we will.

Since Mark left, he has always been telling me that things will all be fine. That we just need to believe and have faith in Him. That we just have to be strong and know that we will still have each other no matter what. And this is what really keeps us going.

Mark, now that we are miles apart, I won't be there to take care of you. So please take good care of yourself, for me, ok? And always be good! Don't forget to pray. Don't worry about your mom, I'm here for her. :)

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I love you so much my boy! Come back home soon! :D

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