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buzBOX Scrambles

I've been dying to know how ice scramble tastes like. I never got to taste this very famous treat because most people say that street foods are dirty. My mom would also not allow us to buy street foods especially after my siblings got sick of Hepatitis (when they were like 5 or 6 years old) after eating barbecue in some barbecue stand in the streets. And so I grew up not having to experience eating ice scramble and well, street foods in general.

I remember how envious I get every time I see kids piling up whenever they see the ice scramble vendor coming. My mom would always say that there's nothing really special about it, it's just crushed ice with pink food coloring, powdered milk, and chocolate syrup. But it seems that children and adults alike are drawn to it so much.

And so when I found out that ice scrambles are now being sold in malls, I immediately told Mark that we should try it. He was able to find one stall at SM North but we never got the chance to get there.

We were in SM Taytay to buy some presents for my mom's birthday, when I and my sister came across this cute pink food cart with people in a long queue. My eyes sparkled when I learned that it was an ice scramble food cart!

We ordered the large cup and had all 4 toppings added haha! I immediately fell in love with it at first my scoop! It tasted like bubble gum and vanilla and I just love how refreshing it was. *drools*

buzBox Scrambles come in 3 sizes: small for Php10, medium for Php14, large for Php 14; with powdered milk and chocolate and strawberry syrup; plus Php3 for every additional topping of chocolate sprinkles, candy sprinkles, rice crispies, and marshmallows.

I finally got to taste ice scramble! Yipee! :p I also bought one for my brother and my mom and they loved it too. My mom said that it's just like the ones sold in streets but a lot tastier because it has more milk and toppings. :)

Here's my sister Gia loving the buzBOX Scrambles!

3F SM City Taytay

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