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Sunday Merienda at Shakey's

We were on our way home, from a family lunch at Tita Tessa's house last Sunday, when my dad noticed that Jaoey was kinda sad. When asked what seems to be his problem, Jaoey said that he was hungry. And when asked what/where he wanted to eat, he blurted out "Shakey's"!

We were still full from our lunch so we just had a light snack. We had a Basket of Mojos. The breaded potato slices were really mouthwatering. It just had the right amount of saltiness. It also comes with 2 dips, garlic mayo and sour cream.

Basket of Mojos - Php 204

We also had our all-time favorite Thin Crust Manager's Choice pizza. The pizza was a hit for all of us. I love how crispy the crust was. Unlike pan pizzas, you'll surely get to savor the flavorful toppings of thin crust pizzas.

Thin Crust Manager's Choice - Php 440 (Party)

Jaoey had a separate order, a regular thin crust Classic Cheese pizza. He was really hungry that he was able to consume 4 slices! :D

Thin Crust Classic Cheese - Php 121 (Regular)

We also got to avail of the Shakey's Skimmer Hat for Php 35. It also comes with a coupon which entitles the holder a free Regular Hawaian Delight Thin Crust pizza with a minimum purchase of Php 350 on his next visit. Cool! :)

Jaoey sporting the Shakey's Skimmer Hat

I just had to tell though, the service was very slow! We had to follow up for our orders a couple of times. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our merienda. Just like what I've said in a previous post, we grew up eating at Shakey's. It is definitely a family favorite!

PTT Gas Station
Ortigas Ave. Extension
Taytay, Rizal

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