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Revisiting the Summer Capital

After our Vigan trip, our next stop was Baguio. We arrived in Baguio on May 8, a few hours past lunch. After lunch, while the others chose to just stay at home to have some rest, Mark and I roamed around the village.

Aside from the cool breeze, a lot of things have changed in Baguio. I felt upset as we roamed around the place. It was just so painful to see that the tall trees and plants which were all over the place before,

...were replaced by numerous houses situated on the mountains.

We were just supposed to walk from the house to SM Baguio since there were only a few public tranpo vehicles coming our way, when the rain started to fall. So we went back home and decided to just get back to SM Baguio after dinner. We arrived a little late and weren't really able to get into the mall haha!

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We decided to just walk around the town. We walked down the Session Road, until we came across the Igorot Park, where we took some pictures.

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It was already getting late so we decided to look for a cab and get back home. As we walked along we saw a lot of vendors of ukay-ukay all over the streets. There were also a lot of drunk teens all over the place. Hmmmm, is this really what Baguio has become? *sigh*

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