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Revisiting the Summer Capital: Philippine Military Academy

Date of visit: May 9, 2010

We went straight to the Philippine Military Academy after our boat ride at Burnham Park.

As we entered the camp, we saw air crafts which were used by the Philippine Airforce.

These all got Mark, Chino, Jeff, and Gia a little excited that they immediately posed to have their photos taken with the aircrafts.

We also saw a lot of interesting things as we roamed around the camp.


DSC_4949Daddy and the Sundial

Tree House

The buildings got Mark's attention that he immediately took photos of them...

...while I was allured by the sight of the beautiful flowers all over the camp. :)

DSC04720DSC04718DSC04730 DSC04719DSC04717DSC04729

As we walked along, we were able to catch some cadets and had our pictures with them. It's only in televisions and movies that I knew how it is being in military.

I sometimes wonder how they feel because it seems that they should always be well-dressed and look good, firm, and fearless. They also seem to be always so serious and weren't allowed to laugh or even smile at all. :p

We actually tried having the cadets do some wacky poses but they said they where not allowed and that they should always maintain their dignity..hehe..

We were also able to witness some neophyte cadets as they took on their training.

We even saw some lady cadets. Cool! I really admire how disciplined they all were.

Visitors were allowed to watch the drills and trainings as long as they don't go beyond the designated areas.

But Mark got too excited to have some close encounter with the cadets that he didn't mind crossing the perimeters!


We all enjoyed our tour around the PMA camp especially at the Relics Point.

Aside from seeing a lot of interesting things, Jaoey, Mark, Chino, Gia, and Jeff aslo had their share of craziness around the camp haha!


DSC_4981 copyDSC_4974

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