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Revisiting the Summer Capital: Baguio Cathedral & Burnham Park

Date of visit: May 9, 2010

Mark and I were still tired from our tour on our first day in Baguio, but we were up early the next morning for another tour around the city.

Whenever my family goes out on a vacation, it has always been a tradition for us to visit the church in the place.

And so we started our 2nd day by hearing mass at the Baguio Cathedral. We arrived a bit late though so we weren't able to get seats inside the church. :p

I so love that the church is pink! :D

Here are a few more photos after the mass.

Family Picture

Mark and I The Boys

We then went next to the Burnham Park. I've been to this place many times so it never really got me excited. I was anticipating a view filled with colorful flowers and lush greens, with families having some picnic, but all I saw were vendors all over the place. There were also fewer flowers now unlike before. But Jaoey felt differently, he was ecstatic upon seeing the colorful boats in the lake. ;p

Jaoey wanted to ride the boat so badly so we accompanied him.

DSC_4930 copy
with Jaoey, Gia, and Mark

Chino and Jeff, the master paddler haha!

While we chose to row down the lake, mommy and daddy chose to just eat at the benches.

I can just imagine how they were like in their courtship days haha! :p

DSC_4934Picture taking after our 30-minute boat ride

If there's one thing that I love about Burnham Park, it's the Strawberry Taho! I grew up eating taho, while strawberry jam in bread with peanut butter is one of Mark's favorites. But who would have thought that these two would taste perfect altogether? Baguio's Taho with Strawberry Jam sure is another delectable treat for me! *drools*

30126_10150170364130640_2003591_nStrawberry Taho

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