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Jestine's Artworks

It may be unknown to all, but I really love drawing and sketching ever since I was a kid. I remember being able to draw in MS Paint even before stylus pens were ever created.

I also dream of becoming a world class painter. I have a few painting projects when I was a kid, which unfortunately I wasn't able to continue working on as time went by.

But nevertheless, my love for art didn't really go away. I end up doing some doodles and sketches whenever I get bored. And up to now, I always get fascinated whenever I see paintings. And this also holds true every time I see my cousin's works of art. :)

My cousin, Jestine, a Fine Arts student, really has a passion for art.

The Artist: Jestine John

Whenever he joins painting competitions, his works surely get the recognition. And most of the time, his winning pieces would always end up in the judges' hands. He's that good that his artworks are always being asked for by the judges and some teachers.

He may still be a neophyte artist, but his works are just superb! These are just a few of my cousin's creations which I soooooo LOVE! :)

This next one's my most favorite! :)

And another favorite, this one's the newest addition to Jestine's masterpieces, which now found its place on the wall in Mark's house. :)

Melting Mark :p

Good job Jestine!!! Keep it up!!!

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