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Boodle Feast at Blackbeard's Seafood Island

The summer season is officially over! But I still haven't completed my posts about our summer adventures. *sigh* So I'm warning everyone, most of my posts will be backlogs of the adventures and food trips that I had this summer. So please bear with me, and I hope that you will find time to read and enjoy the adventures and food trips as much as I did. :)


Mark's normal life, specifically in terms of eating, finally got back! Since summer is over, it's also his off-season from bodybuilding, which means he no longer has to deprive himself of food that normal people eat. :D

It actually started last week when we had our late lunch at Butter Diner. It was then followed by another pigging out session last Friday, May 28. We were supposed to have a dinner date last Thursday, but since I had work, we decided to just move the date.

Since I knew how Mark wanted to eat so badly, I was already surfing the net and reading reviews about restaurants around the Araneta Center even days before our dinner. There were a lot of choices, but Blackbeard's Seafood Island got me all hooked up. :D I was just browsing through their menu but I can already imagine how Mark would love to dine here.

It was both our first time to try it out at Blackbeard's Seafood Island. We were greeted by staffs in pirate costumes when we entered the restaurant. Aside from the pirate costumes, another main attraction in the place was the interior. I just had my camera phone at hand so just bear with me with the photos. :p

The ceiling fans made from individual abanikos really caught our attention. What a nice touch! :)

Situated on each post are preserved crabs and lobsters. They also have an aquarium right next to the entrance wherein you may choose fresh seafood and have it cooked.

There were also some abacca ball lights hanging on the other side of the restaurant. They also have a bar which resembles that of a pirate ship.

Aside from the nice ambience, the restaurant also takes pride of their seafood and grilled treats.

Both Mark and I had a hard time in choosing what to order, it's like we wanted to have everything in the menu! Haha! After a few minutes of contemplating, we finally decided to go for the Dapitan's Pride Boodle Feast. For the drinks, I got the Buko Shake while Mark opted for the bottomless Iced Tea. I ♥♥♥ their Buko Shake! I don't know if I'm right but it tasted like it also had dairy milk on it. The Iced Tea was good too. :)

A few minutes after we placed our order, one of the wait staffs went to our table and got the place mats, plates, and utensils, and left just a single plate with 2 pairs of utensils on the farthest side of the table, which really made Mark and I surprised. We got more surprised when our order was served. The Dapitan's Pride Boodle which consist of Crispy Coco Gin Shrimps, San Mig Clams, Grilled Tilapia, Grilled Squid, Laing, Steamed Crab, Grilled Liempo, Kalkag Rice, and Atchara Papaya, on banana leaves layered on top of a huge wooden tray was right in front of us.

We were like stunned for a few minutes! Haha! We even said that we'll just have the left-over food wrapped since we know we can't finish the whole boodle. But no! We were enjoying the food that we didn't notice that we ate up all of it! And the food that was supposedly for 3-4 persons, as stated in the menu, was gone in no time! Haha!

The clams were perfect, I love its soup. I just didn't know why they called it 'San Mig' clams, hmmm... :D The Laing, which I tasted for the first time, was also good. The Grilled Tilapia, Liempo, and Squid, as always, appealed to our palates. The Crispy Coco Gin Shrimps and Steamed Crabs were just oh so delectable! But I guess the best part was the Kalkag Rice. It has tiny dried shrimps on it and it tasted like it had Crab Aligue. Hmmmm!!! Mark and I simply love it! *drools*

View seafood island

We both enjoyed the dinner that we forgot that we ordered fresh fruits for dessert! Generous serving of sliced watermelon, apples, mangoes, and oranges, in huge platter with crushed iced sure is a perfect dessert, unfortunately we were already full so we just had it wrapped.

We just really had to rest for a few minutes because we literally can't even drag ourselves up after our gluttonous feast. *burp* Mark and I both enjoyed our dinner. We definitely will come back again to try out the other boodle feasts! And I will make sure to bring my camera when we get back..*wink*

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