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Revisiting Ciudad Fernandina: Vigan Empanada and Barbecue at Plaza Burgos

We went back to the hotel to freshen up and have some siesta after our scrumptious lunch.

At around 4pm, we were all ready for another adventure. :) Gia, Jeff, and I accompanied Mark to the Vigan gym for a bodybuilding competition.

They were supposed to get ready for a 4:30pm motorcade, but since the other contestants were not yet around, we decided to just leave Mark and stroll around Plaza Burgos.

In my previous post, I stated how I really wanted to get back to Vigan to have a taste of one of our favorite Vigan delicacy, the empanada.

When we got to Plaza Burgos, I was excited when I saw the many stalls lined up around the plaza. There were a lot of people enjoying the empanadas, luckily we were able to find a seat.

Here's a photo of the vendors as they prepare the empanadas.

Mmmmmm...I just can't wait to get a bite of it!

Finally our empanadas were done! *drools*

We also ordered a few barbecue from a nearby barbecue stand.

Vigan empanadas never really fail to satisfy our palates!

The empanada is definitely one of the things that keep us coming back to Vigan. Even Jaoey enjoyed eating it! :)

After munching on some empanadas and barbecue, and having some stroll around the plaza, we went back to the Vigan gym for Mark's competition. :)

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