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Revisiting Ciudad Fernandina: Tessie's Restaurant

After some picture taking and a quick rest at El Juliana Hotel, we went next to Tessie's Restaurant.

Whenever we come home to Vigan, we usually arrive just in time for lunch and Tessie's Restaurant is where we would always dine. It seems to be my dad's favorite dining place in Vigan. :)

Here are some photos of us while waiting for our food.
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We really didn't get the chance to place our orders and were surprised when the dishes kept on coming, two orders per dish, the moment we got into our table. And before we knew it, our table was overflowing with delectable food! Even Mark, who's on a strict diet, wasn't able to resist the temptation. :P

First to be served was the siopao, the best siopao in town as my dad claimed. And well yes, he was right. The siopao was not sweet unlike the usual siopao asado and was not bland unlike the usual siopao bola-bola. The taste of the tender pork meat was just right for my palate.

Next was the fried chicken. Nothing extra-ordinary really. But I must say that I just love how tender and juicy the chicken was. The breading was also not too salty.

Another dish was the Kuekeng. I know, right? We already saw this in the menu which was posted on the restaurant's wall. It got us all thinking and we were all dying to know what Kuekeng was. So I immediately took a bite of it the moment it was served. It was like deep-fried breaded embotido balls. I'm not sure if I figured it right but what I'm sure of is that it's my favorite among the dishes! *drools*

Two huge bowls of soup were served next, the Lomi and Kimlo. The Lomi was good I must say but it just got me thinking as to where the noodles (lomi) were. Haha! The Lomi was like veggies (like that in chopsuey) and quail eggs on soup. :D

The Kimlo was just like the lomi, but red in color. I didn't really taste it but I think it's just a combination of Kimchi and their version of Lomi? :D

We also had Pinakbet, an authentic Ilocano delicacy, and the Tortilla or what we all know as Tortang Talong. :)

I didn't try their Pinakbet but I think it was good because everybody seemed to like it.

Tessie's tortilla was a lot different from the traditional tortang talong. Aside from the usual eggplant mashed in egg, Tessie's version has diced pork, minced onions, leeks, and bell pepper. I would have wanted to taste the tortang talong but I was really full. My sister tasted it and she loved it! :)

We've been to this place so many times, but it was just recently that I knew that the restaurant's owner was apparently my dad's chilhood friend. He was so accommodating that he joined us for lunch. He was also very generous that he didn't let us pay our bill! Now I know why my dad loves Tessie's Restaurant! Haha!

52 General Luna Street
Vigan City, Philippines

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