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Revisiting Ciudad Fernandina: Mr. Ilocos Sur Iron Man 2010

We were just supposed to have a trip to Baguio from May 8-10. The Vigan trip (May 6-8) has not been finalized yet because we were still not sure if my dad will be permitted to leave from work for a long period. But I guess Mark was lucky enough, the Vigan trip came to happen, we arrived hours earlier for the competition proper, and Mark was able to join the competition.

After our merienda at Plaza Burgos, we went back to Vigan gym for Mark's competition, which is the very reason why we went to Vigan haha!

My family was in full support for Mark. :) And as always, I was Mark's personal assistant, I was the one who made gave him his tan.

After the motorcade and a few hours of waiting, the competition finally began.

Mark registered under the bantam weight division. After some poses and flexes...

Mark finished 3rd!

The trophy was really nice and Mark loved it so much.

It was a stone sculpture of a muscle man. Aside from the trophy, he also got some cash prize.

I really think that Mark did well during the competition. But there was this one guy who kept on claiming that Mark should not have won. He also claimed that Mark was just lucky enough. This guy also said that had he joined the competition, he will surely get the first place. And well I guess he was perfectly right!

Jaoey deserves the trophy more, right? Hahaha!

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