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Revisiting Ciudad Fernandina: Merge Point

Mark's competition started past 8pm and ended around 11pm, and we were so hungry! And so after Mark's victory, we finally had our dinner! Yipee! Haha!

It was already late and all the restaurants in the city were already closed. Good thing the tricycle drivers were nice enough to drive for us to a nearby town. We had our dinner at Merge Point in Bantay, Ilocos Sur, which is roughly a minute drive from Vigan City.

Jaoey wanted Pancit Canton and since my mom wasn't that hungry, she decided to just share with Jaoey since the serving was good for two. There's nothing special about this food. And I'm sure that my dad's version is still the best! :D

Gia wasn't also that hungry so she settled for the Arroz Caldo. It was very unusual for me to see an orange-colored porridge. I got curious as to what's special about their weird-looking arroz caldo so I tasted it. It was good I must say. It has some sort of herbs which gave the porridge a distinct taste. And the orange color was from the garlic and atsuete.

Chino ordered the classic Bistek Tagalog. The meal comes with a cup of rice and a complimentary soup. The food probably tasted good because my brother seemed to have liked it. :)

Jeff's order was the Sizzling Chicken Fillet. He also claimed that the dish tasted good. :)

Before going to Vigan, I remember Mark saying that he'll get off his diet after the competition, and well yes he did! He must have missed eating rice that he ordered two rice meals! First on his list was the classic Tapsilog, which has nothing really special. The presentation didn't even make it, the beef tapa was kinda dry and the burnt egg, ugh! I didn't try to taste it though, but tell me, who would want to taste a dish like this?

Mark's other order was the Lomo with rice. Lomo is another authentic Vigan delicacy. It is a soup made from pork broth with spring onions. It also has pork tenderloin strips.

Everyone was enjoying their meals except me. They were all done eating and my order has not arrived yet! And to think that my order was just plain cheeseburger! After hundreds of follow-ups, my burger is still not ready. Mark even had to go to the counter to follow-up my order, but it didn't work.

When my order finally arrived (after 10 years!) I was just annoyed big time! It got me wondering what in the world took them so long to prepare this plain looking dish! It was like burgers from buy-1-take-1 burger stands. I already lost my appetite so I just had my order wrapped, which again took so long! :|

I was really hungry when we arrived at the hotel and since I had no choice, I just ate the burger. If not because I was really hungry, I would have just thrown the burger away, I swear! I really can't stand eating a sandwich with mayonnaise as its filling (you can't really tell that it has beef patty since the patty was very very thin!) and so I just settled for other food and opened a bag of potato chips. :|

Bantay, Ilocos Sur

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