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Butter Diner

The show ended past 2pm and Mark and I both were hungry that time. After the show we went straight to the Araneta Center to have our lunch/merienda. :)

Since we usually dine at the Gateway mall, Mark suggested that we try out other restaurants in the Araneta Center. After walking around the place, we saw Butter Diner. I've read a lot of good reviews about this restaurant so we both decided to try it out.

The restaurant's interior will surely catch your eye. Upon entry, you will notice the wall with a huge colorful comic strip which features the Butter Diner story...

...and vintage posters that hang on the mirror wall on the other side,

with vintage items situated on a ledge at the bottom of the mirror wall. Each table also has either a vintage transistor radio or vintage toaster as side accent.
View butter diner 2

Though the service is not really slow, I'm sure you will enjoy while waiting for your orders because of the restaurant's playful interior. You will also get hooked into reading the Butter Diner story in the paper placemats on the table.

Aside from the admirable interior, Mark and I also loved Butter Diner's food. Mark wanted something hot so he ordered the Cream of Mushroom soup. I love the generous amount of minced onions and mushroom slices in the soup.  It was served really hot and comes with butter toasts.

The Sausages & Cheese Omelette was next on our list. Its huge serving comes with butter toasts. Mark and I enjoyed this dish. It was overflowing with sautéed sausage strips, onions, and cheese! Yummy!

A must-try at Butter Diner, the Western Burger was served next. The grilled quarter pound beef burger patty smothered with rich barbecue sauce and topped with bacon was a sure hit for both Mark and I. The patty which was tender and juicy and the crispy bacon strips really appealed to our palates. Though the burger was not big enough, it comes with a generous serving of fries.

Another must-try is the Lasagna A SURE FAVORITE!. Mark and I was surprised at how big the serving was. The lasagna was oozing with lots and lots of cheese! The cheddar cheese topping, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese and ground beef layered in al dente pasta sheets were a heaven for me. This dish sure did live up to its name! :)

For the drinks, I had their Iced Tea while Mark opted for the Mug root beer.

We also had the Double Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae for dessert. The vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate brownie, rich hot chocolate fudge syrup, nuts, cherry were gone in no time!

It was our first time at Butter Diner, but we sure loved and enjoyed our dining experience here. We'll definitely come back to try out their other specialties especially their flavored butter. :)

Shopwise Arcade, Araneta Center
Cubao, Quezon City

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