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Zoobic Safari

After watching the dolphins and sea lions at Ocean Adventure, we headed to Zoobic Safari for another close encounter with some wild animals.

We had our souvenir photo taken with the native Aetas the moment we got into the place.

We had a short briefing on how the tour will go about.

We were then grouped and each group was assigned a tour guide.

After the briefing we watched some animal shows and then we're off for the tour!

First we had a walk along the forest where we encountered a lot of wild animals. Mark enjoyed seeing and feeding (and bullying) the animals. He just stopped his being bully when an ostrich bit his chest! Haha!
View zoobic
For our next stop, the others took the safari train while we drove to the tigers' den. We first went to their cages while the tour guide informed us about some interesting facts about tigers. Then we had a close encounter with them, and I mean really close! We rode in a caged jeepney and drove into a place where the tigers roamed around.
We also bought some chicken to be fed to the tigers. We were lucky to have caught the attention of one hungry tiger. He immediately went to our jeepney and munched the chicken which the feeder bravely waved with his bare hands!

View tiger

We then drove to the bone museum and then headed to the crocodile farm.

View crocodile

We ended the tour with a souvenir photo taken with a python. :)
We completed the tour around half past 5pm. The tour was very long and tiring. I really wasn't ecstatic during the tour because it was just like the ones that I had in some zoos during school field trips.

I got to see some animals for the first time though, but I'm really not a fan of these kinds of tours. I was also very moody during the tour (sorry Mark *mwah*). Maybe I just got tired of the long walk under the scorching sun. But it was fun and I enjoyed it, really. ;p

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