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Steakhouse Boracay

We went back to the station 1 after riding the Zorb. We plunged into the waters for a while. The rest went back to the hotel while Mark and I stayed on the beach. We were full of activities since day 1 so it was just on the 4th day that Mark and I had the chance to have our henna tattoos done. I had a floral ankle tattoo while Mark had a tribal tattoo.

Our tattoos were done just in time for lunch. Mark and I were both hungry so we headed straight to Steakhouse Boracay.

While waiting for our friends, we ordered some drinks. I had mango shake and Mark had calamansi juice.

Some photos while waiting for our friends...

We were both getting hungry and our friends still haven't arrived, so we decided to place our orders.

Mark had the Rouladen (I forgot the exact name of the dish haha!). It's made from thinly sliced round steak filled with a mixture of bacon, onions, and pickles. The dish consists of two rolls and a generous serving of mashed potato and steamed vegetables. I just love how tender the beef was. I also loved how the bacon goes perfectly well with the onions and pickles, which was made more delectable by the meaty sauce.

I had stir-fried vegetables, which I must say was very tasty.  I love how crisp the veggies were.

I also had their cheeseburger. The quarter pound pure beef patty was very juicy and was cooked just right. It also came with lots of veggies and cheese. :D

Mark and I were already eating when my friends arrived. We all loved the food at Steakhouse, we just didn't like how slow the service was. Good thing Emman and Chrissi were still able to finish their food in time for their flight to Manila.

We had a few more shots before we headed back to the hotel.

Balabag Station 2
Boracay, Philippines

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