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Ride the Zorb!

Even if we stayed up late the night before and didn't have much rest, we were up early the next day and all ready for another adventure! We tried the Zorb on our 4th day in Boracay.

After breakfast, we were off to ride the Zorb! Just like when we rode the flying fish, Cathlyne chose to just stay at the hotel and have some sleep.

We were enjoying the place and the view while the staff were preparing the zorb.

There are different ways to enjoy the ride. You may either ride it with or without water inside and be tossed into a track of grass, or you may opt to be harnessed inside the ball and be tossed into a rough track. The zorb can also accommodate a maximum weight of 300lbs (3 persons max). If you're not riding the zorb, you may also lay down the track and have the zorb roll over you.

Since there were just 6 of us, we chose to ride in pairs and opted for the ride with water inside the ball. We also did the 'maiba una' hand game to know who will ride the zorb first. :P

And well I guess I wasn't lucky enough haha! Here's a picture of Mark and I before the ride.

A pail of water was poured inside the zorb, Mark and I then got in, the locks were secured, and then we're off!

Here are Chrissi and Emman, down the track, waiting for us to stumble over them!

Mark and I were screaming non-stop as we rolled down.

I was nervous at first thinking that Mark and I might bump against each other.

Good thing we chose the zorb with water. We were just sliding inside as we rolled down to the end of the track.

It was a very exciting ride! Kinda bitin but so much fun!

Chrissi and Emman rode next, and then last were Jonathan and Arriane.

We all had a great time riding the zorb! We'll definitely do this again when we get back to Boracay! :D

More photos HERE :)

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