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President Tea House

Watched the Pacquiao-Clottey fight last Sunday at SM North Edsa with Mark and his mom. The not-so-exciting fight ended past lunch which got us all hungry.

I believe Mark was craving for Chinese food that time so we headed to President Tea House.

Mark ordered the Asado Pao for appetizer, which his mom immediately ate even before I could get a shot of it. :P

Mark and I both loved North Park's Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken and so we decided to try out President Tea House's version. Plus it was indicated in the menu that it's one of their specialties.

The Lemon Chicken was a lot different from any other lemon chicken dishes that I've tried. The chicken fillet strips were served plain fried and the dish just comes with a small bowl of lemon sauce. The chicken itself was bland and the sauce didn't really make any difference at all. Though the serving was generous, it was still a big disappointment for Mark and I.

Mark's mom was craving for shrimp so she ordered the Buttered Garlic Shrimp.  This was one good, it's just that the shrimps were somewhat overcooked because the shell was sticking to the meat and it was hard to take it off from the shrimp.

Another dish was the Fish Fillet in Thailand Sauce. I was hesitant in trying out this one because, first, I don't any idea of what the Thailand sauce (and well Thai cuisine in general) tastes like, and next, I just got frustrated with the first two dishes that we had and don't want to add some more. But this turned out to be the best tasting from all our orders. The generous serving of tender fish fillet goes well with the tangy Thailand sauce. Definitely a must-try! :)

And who would forget the Yang Chow Fried Rice and Pork Siomai? These two will never be out of the list when it comes to Chinese cuisine. And it's guaranteed that you'll never go wrong with these dishes. :D

For the drinks, Mark got the Fresh Buko Juice...

...while I got the Buko Lychee Shake.

We were all done eating when I noticed the Mango Banana Shake which comes with a cute teddy bear. I really didn't want it since I was already full plus there were only blue, beige, and brown teddies in their display haha!

But just as when Mark's mom was about to pay the bill, she ordered the shake and specified that I want a pink bear. And I was surprised when the waiting staff obliged. They do really have a pink bear haha!

We just had to take the shake home because were all really full. Thanks for the treat Tita Juliet! ^_^

2F SM North EDSA Annex
Quezon City

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