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Philippine Sports Commission Bodybuilding Competition

I accompanied Mark yesterday to the Philippine Sports Commission Bodybuilding Competition which was held at the Badminton Hall of the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

We arrived at the venue at past 9am just in time for the athletes' registration. After registration and weigh in, the athletes prepped up for the pre-judging.

Since I was just the one accompanying Mark in every competition, I have become not just his number one fan, but his personal assistant as well, which includes putting tanning lotion all over his body haha!

Here's Mark, in his perfect tan care of me! ^_^

The pre-judging started at around 10am. The athletes presented themselves on stage and were judged on their physique based on the 7 Mandatory Poses. I don't really know anything about body building, all I know is that for each pose, the athlete is judged based on the size of the muscle in relation to the skeletal structure, shape, hardness and definition.

Here's Mark, doing the 7 Mandatory Poses.

The pre-judging ended in time for lunch. After lunch, we got back for the competition proper at 3pm down to the final judging at 6pm. Mark may not have made it to the top 3, but he sure is the champion for me!

More photos HERE :)

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