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Miggy's Place

After days of fun and adventure in Boracay, we finally bid the island goodbye. Here's our last photo at the Hannah Hotel.

We got into the Kalibo airport at around 11am. While waiting for our boarding time, Mark and I decided to have lunch first at Miggy's Place which is just a few steps away from the airport.

Miggy's Place is known for their special gourmet sandwiches. There were a lot delicious sounding sandwiches from the menu, but since we ate so much during our stay in Boracay, we decided to go healthy this time. :P

Most of the sandwiches in the menu come with 'special chips'. Mark and I both got curious and kept on thinking what made Miggy's 'special chips' special. :P

I ordered the Tuna Melt while Mark ordered the Tuna Clubhouse which both are in wheat bread and come with the 'special chips'.

We immediately got a bite of the chips when our orders arrived. There was a generous serving of not potato but cassava chips. It was very thin and crispy plus it was well seasoned with some of kind of barbecue flavor. Special enough I agree!

Just as how special the chips were, so were the sandwiches. I love the taste of their tuna filling which goes well with the creamy melted cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce.

Mark's order was just like mine, except that it was a bigger serving and it didn't have cheese.

We both had Raspberry Iced Tea Shake for our drinks.

Aside from the delectable gourmet sandwiches at Miggy's Place, they also take pride on their antique-filled home-style ambiance.

And so after we finished our food, we still stayed at Miggy's and took some photos while waiting for our flight. :)

Kalibo Airport
Kalibo, Aklan

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