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Healthy Shabu-Shabu

After the pre-judging event in the competition that Mark joined in last Sunday, we headed to Robinsons Place Manila for lunch.

Mark got exhausted from all the flexes and poses that he felt really hungry and wanted to eat badly haha! We were considering a lot of restaurants until Mark suggested that we try it out at Healthy Shabu Shabu.

Not having the slightest idea of what to order, we opted for 2 individual sets of shabu shabu, one fish fillet set and one beef tenderloin set. A few minutes later, the waiting staff poured a hot soup from the pot and handed us a small bowl of broth, an egg, a saucer of garlic, chili, and spring onions, and a small saucer of alamang (shrimp paste).

Then came 2 plates with corn, tofu, mushroom, noodles, meatballs, crab sticks, and vegetables.

We were then served with a plate of fish fillet and beef tenderloin slices.

Knowing that we still have to cook our food and since Mark is really hungry but still needs to retain his shape for the competition, he suggested that we get one rice topping.

Since I know how to cook, I took care of the shabu shabu, while Mark took care of eating, immediately after the rice topping was served haha!

The dish was served with a generous amount of bite sized chicken breasts with sunny-side-up egg on top of Japanese rice. The chicken was tender and goes well with the teriyaki sauce.

We also got 2 glasses of bottomless iced tea, which Mark drank immediately even before I could take a picture of it. :P

The shabu shabu was ready when we finished eating the rice topping. Mark and I both opted not to put the alamang. I then added in the egg for the final touch. Both dish looked pale but tasted so good!

I was getting curious at how the dish would taste like if I put the alamang so I placed a small amount of it on my bowl and guess what? It made the dish more delectable! Hahaha! What we both thought of as alamang was chili sauce all along! Hahaha! And so I put all of the sauce in the pan of soup and brought it to a boil.

I'm not a fan of spicy dishes but this one was just right for me.

Mark and I both loved the dishes. We also enjoyed our experience and will definitely try out other shabu shabu restaurants. :)

Level 3, Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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