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Happy Birthday Gia!

My sister turned 23 last Saturday, March 13. Here's a photo of her as she opens her gifts..

<< birthday gifts
     ^ the birthday girl
<< shoes from mommy & daddy

We had a simple yet fun celebration...a pool party after lunch...

And a luscious dinner at home...with all the dishes cooked by daddy, except for the spaghetti which I cooked :P

<< Chocolate Heaven
Black Forest >>
<< Scallops, Shrimps, & Water Chestnuts in Mushroom Sauce
Fresh Lumpia >>
<< Crispy Pata
Pork Siomai >>
<< Fried Chicken Wings
Spaghetti >>
<< My dessert *drools*

Happy Birthday Gia!

Click HERE for more photos :)

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