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Cheat Meal with Mark ^_^

Last Friday, Mark and I went to Cash & Carry in Makati to buy some of the things that we'll be needing for our trip this coming Saturday. I've also been wanting to buy a VS weekender bag, which are all sold out in online shops, so even if going to Cash & Carry means that I will have to deal with all the hassles (especially in the MRT), I just gave in to Mark's suggestion since there are a lot of VS products and other imported items there.

But guess what? I really just can't stand all the hassles of having to transfer from one ride to another (not mentioning the volume of people there, the heat, and everything) and I think Mark already knew that I was starting to get pissed off, so, even if we were just a few stations away from the Araneta Station, we went off and took a cab to Makati instead. Haha! :P

We were able to buy the things that we needed, expect for my bag! :( And so we just decided to have lunch. I asked Mark what he wanted for lunch and as always, he just gave me a you-already-know-the-answer-to-that-question grin! Lucky me, there aren't any World Chicken restaurants in Cash & Carry! Whew!

Mark & I are both on a diet so I got really surprised when he said that he wanted to have rice for lunch and suggested that we eat at Reyes Barbecue. At first I thought he was just kidding, but no, he really wanted to have rice for lunch! Hmp!

Mark explained that our body has its own way of adjusting to our food intake. And being on a strict diet for a long period will not yield to good results at all as it will just eventually slow down our metabolism. So even if you're on a strict diet, having a cheat meal at least once a week is still recommended. And well yes, he got me all convinced! Haha!

Mark ordered their Boneless Chicken Barbecue and I got their 2-piece Pork Barbecue. I haven't tried out other meals at Reyes except for their pork or chicken barbecue.  Both meals come with java rice, atchara, and their trademark peanut sauce.
Quarter Chicken Barbecue - Php 120.00

Though not so extraordinary and a little charred, I can say that both taste good. I like how the peanut sauce gave the barbecue its distinct sweet taste. But if you're the type who would usually prefer vinegar for barbecue, their atchara is perfect as it gives the meal a tangy kick. :)
2-piece Pork Barbecue - Php 110.00

Reyes Barbecue
Level 2, Food Circle
Cash & Carry, Makati City

We also ordered fresh buko shake from Buko ni Fruitas to neutralize all the fat intake haha! :P
Fresh Buko Shake (around Php 50.00)

I somewhat felt guilty of having eaten rice for lunch, and since I still want to have something healthy, I ordered Buko ni Fruitas' fresh fruit salad for dessert.. ^_^ They have a variety of salads and halo-halo, but I love their fresh fruit salad the most!

The salad contains fresh fruits like melon, apple, mango, banana, watermelon, pineapple, and coconut, just to name a few, mixed with milk and coconut juice, and served in a coconut shell. There is also no need to put in sugar because of the natural sweetness of the fruits. Now who said that desserts are fattening? :P
Fresh Fruit Salad (around Php 50.00)

Buko ni Fruitas
Level 2, Food Circle
Cash & Carry, Makati City

We then arrived at the Gateway mall in time for dinner. And just when I thought that I have already been spared from Mark's World Chicken addiction, I found myself, eating there again! Hahaha!

Mark opted for baked potatoes, mashed potato and grilled chicken with gravy.
Grilled Chicken with Gravy, Mashed Potato, and Baked Potatoes - Php 152.00

Since I ate too much during lunch, I just opted for cheese muffin instead of fettuccine; potato salad, and grilled chicken with gravy.
Grilled Chicken with Gravy, Potato Salad, and Cheese Muffin - Php 152.00

World Chicken
Level 3, Food Express
Gateway Mall, Araneta Center
Quezon City

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