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Picture Perfect!

Since Mark and I arrived a little late on our first day in Boracay, we decided to call it a day after having dinner and some chit chat at Big Mama's.

On the next day, Mark and I were up and about and ready to wander around the island in as early as 5AM. Since our first day, Jonathan has been telling us about how beautiful the islet near the shore is. I've also learned in reviews about this "Willy's Rock" which they claim as one of the best spots in Boracay which most photographers love to take pictures of.

I saw this beautiful rock islet when we got to the beach and I guess this is what Jonathan has been telling us about.
The sun wasn't up yet and there were only a few people in the beach during that time. Very perfect timing for our photo shoot! We had no one to take pictures of us together so we just took a photo of each other..Here are some of our shots. We really are frustrated models! Haha!
Good thing we came across Manong who was busy sweeping some weeds. :P Thanks for the hand Manong! :D
We walked along the shore to the far end of station 1 and took some more photos..

My feet were very tired because of the long walk and we were both hungry so we headed back to our hotel for breakfast.

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