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Karen's Birthday Treat at North Park

Had a very fun night with my college friends last night. It was Karen's birthday last February 15, and she invited us over for her birthday dinner treat at North Park in Glorietta 5.
I had been eating so much the past weeks so I was trying to get back to my diet but well, it's Karen's birthday! I wouldn't want her to feel bad so I decided to set aside the diet first (excuses! hahaha!).

I don't know what to choose so I just let them decide what to eat. Karen suggested that we try out the Boneless Honey Lemon Chicken. I just love how the sweetness of the honey jives with the tangy taste of the lemon. And I can say that North Park's version is the best lemon chicken that I've tried.
Jes suggested the Salty Garlic Squid. I love how tender the squid was. When eaten as is, the dish is just like an ordinary breaded fried squid. What made it extra special was the vinegar that comes with it. It somehow tasted like the Sukang Iloco, but sweeter, and it also has garlic bits which gave it its distinct taste.
Wymer suggested that we try out the Steamed Fresh Prawn Dumplings. Just like the squid, the dumplings will not taste good without the sauce. It's sweet and sour sauce gave the plain prawns a delectable taste.
We also had their Fried Noodles and Yang Chow Fried Rice, the two dishes that would never be left out of the list when eating in Chinese restaurants.
And being the health buff that Mark is, he really didn't want to eat rice so he had a separate order. He opted for the Nanking Beef with Wanton. I think it tasted good too because he was able to finish the whole dish, even if he kept on telling me that I should share with him because he might not be able to eat all of it. Haha! I got to try the wanton though, and I can say that I liked it too. :)
For the drinks, I ordered Lychee Shake and Mark got the Fresh Lemonade.
North Park may have the scrumptious dishes, but I think they should try to improve on their poor service.

After dinner, we headed to Seattle's Best Coffee in Greenbelt 3 for some chit chat and catching up.
We all enjoyed reminiscing about our college experiences, but what made the night more fun and enjoyable was when we started playing Pusoy Dos right in SBC. Haha! If not just because Mark and I would still have to travel to Antipolo, I guess we wouldn't mind if we stayed there 'til morning. :P

Thanks Karen for the dinner and to all the rest for the super fun night! 'til next time! :D

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