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Island Hopping, Snorkeling, and Lunch at Panoly Island

We started our third day in Boracay with breakfast at the hotel.
After breakfast, we were all set for island hopping.
First destination is the Crystal Cove.  We took photos while we were heading to the island.
We saw a lot of beautiful views on our way.
We even saw Manny Pacquiao's resort.
We then stopped over at Crystal Cove. It was supposed to be a tour in a cave but we just settled for some photo shoot. ^_^
After the photo shoot, we then went snorkeling..
We headed to Panoly Island for lunch. We wandered around and took some more photos while waiting for our orders.
For lunch, Mark and I had a separate order (as usual)..we had Vegetable Rice, Stir-fried veggies, Grille Stuffed Squid, and Grilled Liempo.
Mark and I finished lunch ahead of the others so we waded in the waters first, and Mark was able to find me a new pet!

Meet my pet, Jellie! ^_^
Here's a video of her..sorry for my shaky hand :P

We were supposed to head next to Puca Beach but the waves were rough and the boatman said that it would be dangerous. And so we just had another shot before going back to Station 1.
More photos HERE :)

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