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I'm Back!

And I'm all burned! haha! I just got back from five days of fun fun fun!!! Mark and I, together with my high school friends, went to Boracay for some rest and relaxation last February 6-10.

This much awaited trip was already planned and set as early as November of last year. Mark and I were supposed to book a flight together with the rest of my friends, if not because of the bad service of Cebu Pacific. So there, we didn't have any choice but to book for a flight at a later time.

And so February 6 came, and we're off to Boracay! Woohoooo! Our scheduled flight was at 4PM but we were already at the airport, all set, as early as 1PM haha! We already checked in our baggage and just decided to roam around the place, and of course to take some shots, while waiting for our 3:30PM boarding time. :D

Not being aware of the long walk that we still need to take to get to the boarding area, and being so hooked into taking pictures, we just started to walk to the boarding area at about 3PM. We were walking so lightly and before we knew it, we heard the crew paging our names and asking us to get into the boarding area ASAP! Hahaha! Just imagine how annoyed some of the passengers were upon seeing both of us! Haha! After boarding the plane, we again took another set of photos the moment we got to our seats...:P
And then another shots when we were already flying!
We arrived at the Kalibo Airport after around 45 minutes of flight.
We then took an almost 2-hour ride from Kalibo to the Jetty port in Caticlan, another 5-minute boat ride to the island, and still another 10-15 minute ride to the hotel in Station 1. And then we arrived at the Hannah Hotel just in time for dinner.

More photos HERE :)

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