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Fly Fish Ride

We went back to the station 1 after our helmet dive. We had a short rest and then went on with another adventure, the fly fish ride!

We were all excited to fly woohooo!

Chrissi even made a bet on who will be the first one to fall. She firmly said that it would be me haha! But oh well, look who fell off first! :P

Emman also followed after Chrissi fell. The boatman must have been provoked, because we kept on teasing him that he can't make us fall, so he maneuvered the boat extra fast that we were literally flying! 

Chrissi, Emman, I and Mark were the only ones whom the boatman was able to pitch into the waters. Here's a photo of us, still teasing the boatman, for not being able to get all of us tossed into the sea. :P

We all enjoyed the ride. Thanks to Kuya Rod, who arranged all our water and land adventures. :)
More photos HERE :)

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