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ATV Adventure and Mt. Luho Trek

After a few hours of siesta, we were all ready for our ATV adventure. We were accompanied by Kuya Rod to Red Coral Sea Sports were we had our briefing before the actual ATV ride.

Look at Manong's face, he seems annoyed because no one's listening to him. :P

After the briefing, which was actually full of things that made us all nervous (maybe Manong told us all those because we were busy taking shots while he was talking), we rode the ATV's and drove a few rounds in the training area. We were all set to go to the roads when Cathlyne backed out as she was really scared to drive on her own. Good thing Emman was gentleman enough to drive for Cathlyne. They rode the Buggy, while the rest were on the ATV's. And then we're off!
We stopped over at Mt. Luho for a 15-minute trekking (but we actually stayed longer haha!). And of course, the adventure would not be complete without picture taking! :D
The view from Mt. Luho was so relaxing.
We drove back to Red Coral Sea Sports after the hike.
The ATV ride was fun. It would have been a lot exciting though if we drove on the rough roads, without speed limit haha! :D
We took some more photos as we headed back to the shores.
Mark and I also had our picture taken at Boracay's Sand Castles. ♥♥♥

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