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Persia Grill

I had a lunch date with Mark on my birthday last January 3. I didn't really have any restaurant in mind so I thought of leaving it all up to Mark. But when I asked him where he wanted to eat, he immediately said "World Chicken!" and before I could even say a thing, he started laughing! Whew! I really thought he was serious haha!

Since we're always in the Araneta Center, I suggested that we try it out in some restaurants at The Block - SM North. We both had a hard time in choosing where to eat. We've passed by almost every restaurant but we still can't figure out where to eat. Haha! We then got into the Sky Garden and were both captivated by the charm of the Persia Grill. It's a floating (in water) restaurant stationed at the center of the Sky Garden.

We both haven't tried out any Persian dish so we both agreed to try it out this time. It took us a while to decide what to order because all the dishes in the menu looked really yummy. I ordered Beef Biryani and Mark got Grilled Lamb Chops with Dolmeh. We also ordered Must O'Khiar as appetizer. We were supposed to have their house shakes and juices but unfortunately they were unavailable that time so we just opted for a pitcher of their raspberry iced tea.

We got so hooked in taking pictures that we didn't notice that our orders haven't arrived yet. I was starting to get annoyed because we had to call the waiter's attention and follow up our orders a lot of times.

The drinks were served first. I was expecting something special since it was a little costly, but this is what we got. It didn't even come in stylish glasses! Hmp! :p

Raspberry Iced Tea

Mark's order came next. At first I thought we were given the wrong dish, but the staff confirmed that it was ours. I just can't see any resemblance of it from the one in the menu.

Grilled Lamb Chops with Dolmeh (Persian-style-rice-stuffed Bell Pepper)

Then came my order. And again, it looked very much different from the one in the menu. It looked like buttered rice with yogurt and Persian sauce on the side.

Beef Biryani

Wondering where the Beef is? You just have to into the buttered rice!

Beef Biryani (after digging into the hill of buttered rice!)

And oh, didn't I mention that we ordered some appetizers? It arrived last! The waiter must have forgotten what appetizers are for! I was trying to control my temper so as not to ruin the lunch but honestly, I am starting to get annoyed and I'm starting lose my appetite, I swear! Especially when another plain looking dish is right in front of you...

Must O'Khiar (Pita Bread with Cucumber, Garlic, and Persian Yogurt Dip)
Oh, so that's what Must O'Khiar means..I thought it meant "not so appetizing appetizer!" :|

Well fine, I said to myself, I shouldn't be judging this I still haven't tasted the food yet. And guess what? The food didn't really look good, and it didn't even taste good at all!

The spices in the Persian sauce in my Beef Biryani were too overpowering and the rice was not well cooked. Mark was kind of enjoying his food, and seeing how disappointed I was, he offered that we switch dishes. But oh well, I didn't like his food too! The bell pepper rice was a major no no for me! And the lamb chops, ugh!, it still had some fresh blood, even if Mark requested for it to be cooked well done. I also didn't like the appetizer but I had no choice because I still haven't eaten that day. I finished all the small pita bread slices but I am still not full so I ordered for their classic shawarma, hoping that this would save my day..but no, it just added up to all the dismay!

What a wrong move! I should have just gave in to Mark's first suggestion! Good thing there's still merienda and dinner. World Chicken really saved our day! ^_^

Persia Grill
Sky Garden at The Block
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